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Hey guys, I did a podcast for Kings of War, do put it on in the background as you hobby, drive, commute, poop etc.



Newbie Dice Podcast 2nd episode - Talking about the Halpi’s Rfit Campaign, stuff to look out for, recounting our games and things to consider when running your own (halpi or non halpi) campaign.

A few tangents along the way as well.

Showcasing local players’ Ogres, Empire of Dust, and Undead armies.

AVAILABLE ON YOUR FAV PODCAST APP OR: 002 - Halpis Rift Campaign Running Your Own Campaign (Mantic Kings of War) by Newbie Dice Podcast


Hi guys,

I just released the new episode of the Newbie Dice Video Podcast, focusing on supporting Mantic Games! It’s quite a big topic and I’ve invited an international host of guests including Fred Oslow Felix Castro Bryan Novak Mohd Gaddafi

In the episode, we talk about how being model agnostic impacts Mantic, 3D printing, as well as Mantic’s other games! There’s a lot of talk on Deadzone in it.

Hope you’ll give it a watch/listen.

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You have such a great channel. Any episodes coming soon?

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Haven’t been posting for a while. I apologize. Posting all the episodes that came out since the last one

ALSO AVAILABLE ON YOUR FAV PODCAST APP OR: 005 - Goblins Army Review by Newbie Dice Podcast


ALSO AVAILABLE ON YOUR FAV PODCAST APP OR: 006 - List Building Level Up by Newbie Dice Podcast


You can also find the podcast on Spotify, iTunes and major podcast apps at “Newbie Dice Podcast”

Observing the US Masters from the other side of the world, I’ve invited Mike Rossi, Keith Randall, and Marcelo Rouco, players with 3 different list archetypes, to share about how their lists performed at the US Masters!

Grind, Alpha Strike, shooting, which which type has it easier in the current meta?

Available in podcast and YouTube format.

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Podcast link : 007 - Alpha Strike, Grind, and Shooting lists' performance at the US Masters 2023 by Newbie Dice Podcast


Could there possibly be more US Masters 2023 podcast content?

YES! Join me as I catch up with the Tournament Organizer and 2022 US Master Adam Ballard as he shares his concluding thoughts of the Masters - from prep, organization, logistics, to the tournament results and future Masters.

We also talk about the longevity and future of Kings of War, and talk about scenarios etc.

I’m trying out this newer intimate format of podcasting where it’s a 1-to-1 fireside chat so to speak. Let me know what you think :slightly_smiling_face:

Youtube Link

Also available in podcast format on your favourite podcast app, or in this link:


Podcast: 1 month after Clash of Kings UK. Newbie Dice catches up with Steve Hildrew to discuss the event! From planning to logistics to the factions and results!

Also joining us is Mohd Gaddafi , our lone SINGAPOREAN representative at Clash of Kings UK! The 2nd furthest travelled player, and the 2nd best halflings at the event (4W/2L. 25th out of 147 players). Listen as he briefly recounts his games and we talk in-depth about the halflings faction.

Available on podcast format on your favourite podcast listening app, or at the YouTube link below


Newbie Dice Podcast with guest hosts from Mantic Universe Podcast - Chris Thomas, Clement Quinson, Steve Hil and also with Mohd Gaddafi.

Join us as we talk about what magical artefacts (items) are worth taking. Did we miss any? let us know in the comments!

Available in Youtube and your fav podcast app.


Clash of Kings 2024 Review with Newbie Dice! Available in Youtube & Podcast

US Master 2022 Adam Ballard saying Rhordia is a hidden gem!

Ratkin authority Joseph Greek calling Ratkin Slaves better than Ratkin!

Multiple times Aussie Master Jeffrey Traish thinks the Supreme Iron-caster on Great Winged Halfbreed is great!

And myself calling the Forces of the Abyss Formation one of the best!

Only 1 of the above is a joke! Find out which by listening in! Time stamped for convenience to find your favourite factions.


Podcast - find “Newbie Dice Podcast” in your podcast app or:


PS: I hardly disagree on the Brothermark statement given :wink:
But otherwise a great episode

Would love to see more brothermark representation for sure! Love knightly factions

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Page, just wanted to chime in on how much I enjoy your episodes. The practical tips are invaluable for people learning the game and trying to improve.

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Thank you, I’m happy to hear the videos have helped new players!

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