Newbie Dice Podcast

Hey guys, I did a video podcast for Kings of War, do put it on in the background as you hobby, drive, commute, poop etc.


Newbie Dice Podcast 2nd episode - Talking about the Halpi’s Rfit Campaign, stuff to look out for, recounting our games and things to consider when running your own (halpi or non halpi) campaign.

A few tangents along the way as well.

Showcasing local players’ Ogres, Empire of Dust, and Undead armies.


Hi guys,

I just released the new episode of the Newbie Dice Video Podcast, focusing on supporting Mantic Games! It’s quite a big topic and I’ve invited an international host of guests including Fred Oslow Felix Castro Bryan Novak Mohd Gaddafi

In the episode, we talk about how being model agnostic impacts Mantic, 3D printing, as well as Mantic’s other games! There’s a lot of talk on Deadzone in it.

Hope you’ll give it a watch/listen. You can get download the audio version of the podcast in the Youtube description.


You have such a great channel. Any episodes coming soon?

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