Newbie question on mawpups

Hi everyone, I’m new to vanguard having got back into miniatures just recently after about a 20 year gap! I have the goblin warband set from Mantic and it comes with mawpups. Are mawpups usable as units in the game? I have the card for mawbeasts but not for mawpups. My full rule book is still in the post but I can’t see any mention of mawpups in the free rules. The only mention I have seen is in the recently released “one player” scenario…

Anywho, if anyone has any info on this I’d love to know as otherwise I am not sure how to use them (other than as fun models to paint!)



I believe mawpups are a unit upgrade, allowing a onetime reroll of some dice. Also, the Mawpup launcher can recharge these once they’ve been used up if it scores a hit on the unit

OK, cool, so they can be used thanks! Do you know which book has the rules for them in it? They’re not in the free vanguard rule book.

That’s in kings of war, not vanguard.

I don’t think they have a function in vanguard, it is just the sprue is shared with kings of War so
you get the extras . Easy army has been updated to have vanguard list building and I don’t see mawpups in the options and the launcher has different rules in vanguard.

You could see if they fit as a base decoration or use um as mawbeasts perhaps (maybe a neat little swarm on one base?)

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I thought this was probably the case at first but the recent “solo play” rules on the mantic blog use the maw pups (and definitely not beasts) in their scenario. No mention of their stats though…

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Hi everyone,

I emailed Mantic about this and they said to use the “mutated mastiff” profile without the “slave” keyword and that they would update the warband.

I’ve attached the mutated mastiff details they sent here.mapup


Awesome! Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

but what is the use in kings of war than? it is only a upgrade ? and for vangurd it says to mawbeast not mawpups so goblin starter only gets 10 grunts 1 warrior and 1 commander? and the real mawbeast you only get in the mawbeast pack r?

yes in KoW you can use them to mark which units have the mawpup upgrade, as Screamingaddabs stated you could use the profile for the mastiff,
If you want to use them as mawbeasts just throw it on a 25x50mm base and if it looks too small throw a second one on the base