Nighstalker Dopplegangers -- Are they Easily Shut Down?


have some old Spectres that I could double in number to create a unit of Dopplegangers instead. They look different from my scarecrows at least.
Before I even invest that time, however, I’m wondering about the function and form of the unit itself. is it effective at times? Does your opponent easily avoid them, or just shoot them if Dopplegangers are approaching a heavy hitter?
Are they worth a shot for a new player’s limited hobby time?


The short answer is that doppelgangers are a worthwhile unit, but likely not why you think.

The first thing to mention is that it’s a wonderfully thematic unit. It drips with nightstalker flavour.
Not just because of the doppelganger rule itself, but because of what the unit actually does on the battlefield.
I feel that from the theme and lore, nighstalkers should be maddening, indirect and sneaky (i.e. “tricksy”, like hobbitses).

Which bring us to how I see doppelgangers actually working in a game.
If you’re planning on smashing units with them and getting 250+ points of offence for 145 points, then you will be disappointed. They shouldn’t be winning any fights themselves, I’m afraid, anything they want to damage will be tougher and do the same or more damage.
They’re also Sp 5, so are probably getting charged.

They’re only 145 points though. Which is a fairly inexpensive unlock with US 3 and good nerve.
They’re also threat to your opponent’s best units, which gives you a way to discourage your opponent from sending their hammer units to a certain part of the table (mind games are very much in theme for nighstalkers, right?).
If a unit of doppelgangers spends the whole game giving your opponent pause and contributing US 3 to the scenario that’s worth 145 points to me. Actually charging an expensive hammer unit is a bonus.

I use mine (I always run one regiment) as a second line behind my butchers. Either adding US 3 to my line or the aftermath of a fight. If anything beats the butchers the doppelgangers can then deal with it.


Making your opponent avoid a 145 point unit when you have more significant threats is a win for you.

Not as easy against stealthy.


I am sold on giving them a shot. Thank you for the excellent feedback. Cheers.


Mate runs a regiment of them with sharpness and its horrible unless you can shut it down with shooting or one-shot it on the charge

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I’m stoked to try them, thanks for the feedback everyone.

Here’s my fingers Regiment: