Nighstalkers by Snackelwolf

Greetings. Crafting a general thread for feedback and motivation.

Here is my scarecrow horde for my returning project.

I am going to learn how to multi-base, gluing the individual ones on a tray is causing problems. These were a blast to paint, however!


Looks like you’re off to a great start! Your foliage looks really good and those pumpkins are a great theme for Nightstalkers.

A nice complement to the dried grass and farm motif could be some fallen branches, old fence pieces, or rusty farm implements.

Thank you. Yes, I’m in a bit of a bind – I painted each model on its base, then glued the base to a tray. well, I did not line them up perfectly with enough space. there’s plenty of model count, but the edge of the base leans over the front of the tray by about 2mm on this model. I’m frustrated that I did a few units this way.
Now, when I multi-base (definitely in the future), I will need to add a lot of texture paste or something to make the ground the same height as the units I’ve done.
As for the bases exceeding the tray edge, one person told me I should fully re-do it. A friend suggested perhaps just taking a dremmel to the front. Multi basing is such a cool concept, but it seems rather hard to make the leap to it personally. Any suggestions?

As a hobbyist first, I would say do whatever makes you happy. If you play a lot and the overhang is going to cause problems with the people you play with you can fix it.
In my opinion, the easiest way to fix it is to clip off the front row of dudes, trim the edge (Dremel, knife, whatever works and won’t wreck the rest) and reattach the Scarecrows.

If it makes a difference, I play with very dynamic bases and tons of my stuff has overhang. Sometimes it’s annoying, like my Forest Shambles very long branchy arms, but you can work around it without too much trouble.

As far as multitasking goes, it is definitely imposing at first but once you get some techniques under your belt that work for you it is very rewarding and there are endless possibilities to help bring your vision to life.

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Thank you @Findol . I appreciate the feedback and encouragement.

Here are some spectres I did years ago. I hope they stay in the game (and get better stats). If not, I’ll perhaps add another base and use as a regiment of Dopplegangers. I’ve since improved their basing to match my Scarecrow graveyard / farm theme above.


OK, now we have a regiment of Dopplegangers done. I am glad my hobby time for the first troop was not wasted. Found 8 more, assembled, with my kits.

I’m looking forward to playing this unit – I’ve never fielded them before.