Nighstalkers -- My first 1K Attempt REVISED

Greetings all.

I’ve played a handful of KoW games with Ogres back in 2nd. I like heavy hitters and am fond of the Nighstalker monsters, cavalry and titans.

i have the following models at my disposal:

Mega ARmy Box
Half of the starter set
the Vanguard 3 model box.

I already painted a horde of Butchers, and am finishing at least a Troop of Spectres.

I am in need of finishing a list before I build / paint anything else. I also absolutley love the new soulflayer cavalry and Dread-Fiend and am willing to purchase if I understand the stucture.

Before I build a list, I must ask – what is the generla strategy with using more costly units, vs. large Hordes of Scarecrows and other infantry, for this faction?

Here’s my first 1K list, no allies.

Scarecrows Regiment

Scarecrows Regiment

Phantoms Troop

Butcher Horde


Portal of Despair

Horror w/ Bane chant

Too many points in buffs with a hero and titan?

I revised my list, thanks in advance for looking.
Was recommended the dash28 website resource.

it looks like you’ve 200 points left to play around with. I suppose I would have to look at the list you have that the scarecrows are acting as your chaff and your butchers are probably acting as your hammer in this list currently. I’d think about adding a horde of scarecrows in as an anvil tarpit unit.

Since so many games come down to Unit Strength for objectives you need to make sure that you will have US left on the table late game to score.

Thanks @Gerrcinn . I think i’m unconscioulsy not wanting to assemble another 40 infantry, but that is the nature of the beast if I wan to play. This may be a bit better:

Scarecrows Regiment with Healing Brew
scarecrows Horde w/ Screamshard

Spectre Troop

Butcher Horde with Brew of Haste

Reaper Regiment with Staying Stone

Portal of Despair

Is portal of despair too excessive for 1K as a buffer? Should I add more troops instead? I have that killer Slaanesh mirror, so keen on painting it!

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if you have it and want to play with I say go ahead having a source of inspiring you can throw out anywhere can be incredibly helpful especially in smaller games where there may not be as many sources in your opponents force to steal


Another take, if you dump all those little upgrades, you could take a Shade instead of the Portal for a tight 1000:

205, Butcher Horde
210, Reaper Regiment
130, Scarecrow Horde
80, Scarecrow Regiment
90, Specter Troop
150, Mind-screech
135, Shade

I really prefer them with the duellist blade, but there’s still a lot to like in that fast little package. Alternatively, you could really pimp out a Horror to support the crew of nightmares - bane chant, more lightning, vicious aura, etc.


Nice list, thank you @Boss_Salvage

It seems like the shade is primarily an aggressive attacker all its own, while the Horror does a combination of bolt slinging and support. I’ll ponder this.

Regardless in a 1K list it seems like the shade or Horror may do a little more than the Mirror. So many options, I love it.

We are playing our first game of third edition in a few weeks. I am going to dust off some Ogre trays since I still have a lot of Stalkers to build.