Night-stalkers: glass cannon infantry

Sp 5 seems slow for reapers. Who runs them and how do they fare?

Why not take dopplegangers as a slow threat instead and save the points?
For context, I tend to think of these as second line infantry that hang back behind butchers and scarecrows.

I face them from time to time and speed 5 hurts. I think running them in troops as a second line would be one way to run them. Regiments seem expensive and if u do, you need really the fury or headstrong item as the waver spread is high.

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I have a nightstalker army.
Played a game vs. a freind earlier in the year and I really liked them.

I think the are very fast as an army. In the right list, I dont think some units at Spd 5 are an issue.

Looking at my list, its about board control. Use the units as sacrifice plays.

For example, make the charge with soemthing soft, then use the cheap stuff to block. I’m not really a fan of all the elite regiments. Those are mostly “second line” units which means playing for late game.

Devils advocate:
The actual question might be : How does one use Specters, reapers and Dopplegangers. Well Specters are actually pretty good at Spd6 I would argue they are as good as Heartpiecers.

That leaves reapers and doppleganger. REapers are 25ATT hitting on 3+ CS1. That is no joke. If Grim Harvest made them Spd+1 I would play with them. I would put haste on them and they would charge 14".

I dont care for the doppleganger. Conditional play unit.

( my chartiots are proxy Fiends )

I never leave home without 4 troops of them :slight_smile:

Being speed 5 I always use chaff units to screen them (scarecrows/ needlefangs). Stealthy makes it harder to remove the screen with shooting. And when a combat unit clears them, I get first charge. Unlike with fiends, I’m not concerned about facing off against something with higher speed.

And if I lose 1, there’s another 3 left.

Dopplegangers are far more limited in what they can kill - against goblins, say, they have very few viable targets.

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Think a lot of the issues comes down to the fact that NS are seen as fast army, with the infantry either being cheap unlocks, stuff to simply sit on objectives, US or a combination of all 3. Reapers don’t fulfil any of those.

A move of 5 is basic infantry pace - and you can get these lists to work, just not as easily as the alpha strike ones.

They are pretty pricey, but dangerous - as second line/counter or screened they look nasty.

A checkerboard style list with these and doppelgangers could be an interesting build - chaff up the gangers and reapers kill you; elite units punch the reapers, the gangers then kill you?

Reapers are incredible. I used two regiments with either a legion of bloodworms or a horde of specters and horde of butchers. Nothing better than 50 me 3+ cs1 attacks, sometimes with elite or vicious or cs2.


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