Nightstalker Allies

Not sure if anyone else has ever experienced this, but I’ve been getting hammered pretty hard by war engines lately. Kings of War is my very first war game, and I started literally as 3rd Edition was coming out. I really like my Northern Alliance army, but am getting shot so much I’ve gotta figure out a way to deal with that. So since I can’t ally Nightstalkers into a good army, I’m thinking I should drop my Ice Elementals and Queen and run a Varangur list so I can take advantage of the Nightstalker stealthy rule but still keep my Frostfang Cavalry hordes. Plus the whole Mindthirst thing is nice since I don’t have to worry about inspiring them.

Any advice for a new player on which Nightstalker units would be best to ally into an army? Locally, everyone seems to play 2,300 point lists. So I think that gives me up to 575 points to use.

I suggest to take a second look to the NA list. The NA has IMO good tools to fight gunlines: IMO, they have the best flying titan in the game (lord on chimera), they have good chaff to protect the Frostfang Cavalry (Tundra Wolves) and even Chaff to protect the other Chaff (Snow Foxes). Last not least they have the Ice Blade as an excellent hunter option.
Your opponent will have to make hard choices …

I was going to ask if you play a range of scenarios and have a decent amount of terrain. Several of the scenarios are tough for war machine spams , especially if they don’t have lots of clear firing lanes

One of the disadvantages of Northern Alliance is the inability of taking mounts on lords/heroes. Fortunately, a thane or lord with the wings of honeymaze also makes a great gun-hunter!

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If I just took a regiment of Butchers and a Horror, could I give said Horror the vicious aura option to make my Dragur infantry vicious as well?

No - ally abilities/spells/inspiring don’t effect the main army units unless explicitly stated

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Thanks all!