Nightstalker Butchers

I’m looking to make a Nightstalker army and would like a couple of butcher hordes but you cant buy them separately from mantic it seems, which is weird. I’d rather buy mantic to support the game creator but i don’t want to have to buy two or three mega armies and end up with a lot of minis i never intend to use. How does everyone else mange such purchases from mantic where they are tied into “deal” boxes?


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Good question, not much to do about it.
I know some who have traded with others to end up with a decent amount. But if it’s not possible to trade, of course it will pose a challenge.
Worst case, you might be forced to use other models if Mantic are not able to release them in a larger bundle in time. :wink:

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Thats what I was afraid of, thanks Fred.

I got two spare Butchers from my Vanguard KS pledge. I’m willing to sell them ( for an enormous amount of money, slightly cheaper than the Mega Army :wink:) Send a PM if you are interested.