Nightstalker Height inconsistency


sort of a rules question, but also sort of a model question, so posted this in uncategorised.

Why are Nightstalker Fiends Height 4? Butchers are Height 3, and the Fiend models are shorter than Butchers (and most other height 3 things), even including their raised tails. I know they are Large Cavalry, but they are nowhere ear the size of, say, Frostfang Cavalry.

Reason I ask (apart from it being unintuitive during play) is there is a fairly obvious mistake in the TK list: Cronebound Banshees are Height 6?!

Phantom models are also as tall as butchers, but it’s about troop type.

If it’s about troop type, shouldn’t Shadowhounds be Height 3, like other cavalry?

Usually cavalry is height 3, being a rider on a beast.
Unmounted war beasts are most often height 2.

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