Nightstalker Rules Update - Preview Out, Rules Friday

New or updated rules for Tormentors, Ravagers, Shadowhounds and Terror plus hints about Dream Hunter points drop and Tormentor formation. Doesn’t mention Planar Apparition being combined with Mind-Screech but that’s supposed to be a thing too.


I like it.

Good trade off with the reaper and butcher variants.
Basically trading toughness for a sneaky trick.

That’s fitting for shadow hounds, not as straightforward as I would like, but a nice upgrade that avoids them becoming a problem.

The terror becomes an even weirder monster, but it’s main issues look to be solved.
It’s not as prone to damage spikes and has distinctly different role to the shadow-hulk.
I will miss fearless though.


Terror is now an absolute beast if you can get it into flanks/rear of anything that Rampage works on!

Add a cheaper dreamhunter (for elite) and a horror (vicious) and the tormentors could start doing some horrible little tricks.

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With 20 attacks on 3+ and CS (1) it’s scary in the front too.
Especially with bane chant around.

I will miss CS (2) though.


Notice the price of the butcher/ravager horde, I can see future MI unit sculpts following this concept of being more affordable.

(cries in Enslaved Guardian)


The Companion is updated with the new rules now, it’s all filth. If you’ll excuse me I’ll get back to building said filth now.


That’s because they’re resin.
It’s not unreasonable to expect that enslaved guardians will find their way into the Mantic Vault though.

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Hopefully not too much?
I really hope that the army releases this year will disprove the idea that GW’s balance issues are due to not releasing everthing at once.
For our and KoW’s sake.

nah it’s grand really. I’m just winding up a mate while I finally build my Stalkers that I started with the original release and never built any.

Since I’ve finally started my friend has decided it must be because of the new rules being filth. Of course what he doesn’t realise is I only have bring fluffy lists :smiley:

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Fair enough!
I think it’s become hard to make a bad nighstalker list with the changes though. Even if it’s fluffy (tentacled?).

Planar apparition is… different.
More healing, but less tricksy durability special rules.

New profile:

Old profile, for reference:

I really do wish that the planar apparition and horror riftweavers were rolled together instead though.
Seems more fitting to me.
I suppose that the models that people have been using as planar apparitions look more like mindscreetches than riftweavers, but could just use them as mindscreetches.

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NS all but disappeared at Northeast US events this year (maybe all US events?) after being super popular last year. I didn’t personally think their nerfs were excessive but maybe the RC hit the hyper competitive stuff hard enough that Air Elementals were just too attractive to ignore any longer :stuck_out_tongue: Or maybe people needed a break after a heavy NS year and tried other things.

Regardless, while the new stuff seems kind of overtuned to my eyes, I’ll admit that NS might need some love or at least some variety injected into them.


I finally have a use for a purchase, now my mind screeches can stay brainy and the eyeballed healer planars can take the field


I recall something similar happening with Undead.
I get the sense that there is a tendency amoung competitive players to get whatever army is ahead of the curve, especially the kind of players who are involved enough to get a new army every year or two.
With KoW as balanced as it is, even being a little too good puts a build above the average.
Certainly a subset and one reason to choose an army amoung many, but it seems noticeable

I am far from an expert in such things or ever even particularly aware of things like the meta though, so more speculation than insight.

It could also be this.

I think that the new units are will not be quite as good on the table as they are in people’s minds at the moment.
To me it looks like the new units come with fairly heavy trade offs for their tricks.

We’ll see how it works out though.


Other thing with the Mindscreech/apparition change is it limits the total number of the monsters floating around.