Nightstalkers: how are you using the new units?

Are you changing your list to add something new or making a new list built around the new units?

Ravagers and tormentors are new.
What are you doing with them?
I think neither are the kind of unit that would do well in a list that isn’t designed with them in mind.
Tormentors will probably work on a scarecrow, reaper and horror aura list. Any other ideas?
I am not sure what to do with or what the role of ravagers is though?
They’re not tough enough to do what I take butchers for, so what kind of list do they go in?

I feel that the units that were significantly changed deserve some consideration too.
How are the planar apparition changes affecting your list?
Are you considering adding shadow hounds or a terror now?


So not actually used Ravagers yet (i will Wednesday evening)
But i have the following plan

Advance with 3 hordes of Ravagers, with Shakira and a Banshee between the units

Behind have 2/ 3 units of Soul Flayers

Tactics … advance. Pick a unit in range and hose down with hopefully all 3 units.
Then start blowing enemy units back with mutiple windblasts

If the pesky enemy lurk out of 18 inches , use the banshee and Shakira to lure a unit into the kill zone… blast it , then wind blast it back.

I will let you know in a couple of days if it works. (Disclaimer im playing Ed Herzig a top UK player so it will be a stern test and I will probably loose, i usually do :wink: )


But he is a lovely bloke to lose to!

A mix of ravagers and butchers (ogre warrior/boomer style) is definitely viable.

I like the heal/shoot switch option for the floaty monster, and the choice will depend on the rest of the list.

Terror, if you are in an non LI community, is a horrible prospect to face

Shadowhounds are a bit like the hellhounds in abyssals or the NA/Varangur tundra wolves - i want to like them, rules/points-wise they are balanced and in different armies I’d run them, but just can’t see it - esp as the formation of them has been pulled


UPDATE… Sadly the game has been postponed, Ed made this weak excuse about replacement clutch being fitted on his car today but we all know he is really running scared of facing my new Ravager hordes :smiling_imp:

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So didnt get to use the Ravagers last night but i did manage to paint 5

I have to say im really impressed with Mantics new Ambush box sets.
Unit bases, assembly instructions, mini rulebook and really nice hard plastic sprues all for a bargain price.

Wow. Future certainly looks bright with Mantic :slight_smile:


Those ravagers look great!
Not sure how much I like the mouth cannons as a concept, but I like how you painted them.

It does.
They’re making great new models and showing that they care about players and making KoW accessible.