Nightstalkers pre-orders sighted - release 15th May

So, I was scanning through the pre-orders on Goblin Gaming and noted quite a few entries for Nightstalkers, release date stated 15th May 2023

I’m currently unable to attach photos so linky or visit Goblin Gaming themselves and look in pre-orders

Interesting observations at first glance
Void Lurker model
Ranged Butchers
Phantoms move to cavalry bases? 125mm x 50mm bases supplied


That seems too early compared to what’s been announced, but here’s to hoping. :slight_smile:

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Phantoms and Hounds are listed as Resin and Phantoms are shown as 6 models for a Troop

So not a base change but they are getting a Troop unit Base (125x50) but less models

In the Podcasts Ronni talked about keeping the entry level for Resin models low and that they finally feel confident enough to remove single bases from the boxes
So my guess is that they are just going add less Resin models to Troop boxes to keep prices down but still sell a playable unit with the multibase



All these look good but damn that Void Lurker is a beauty

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there is also an Ambush set listed but it’s just artwork like the other Ambush sets, it contains Butcher horde and a reaper troop

great spot

I do wonder how Mantic feels about leaks like this.

Those nightstalkers look great.
All the things I was hoping for and more.

Two bits of extrapolation (and/or speculation):
It looks like spectres are being droped in favour of the alternate build of the scarecrow sprue becoming doppelgangers. I prefer this idea to trying to fix spectres.

It looks like the contents of the Vanguard boxes are being repackaged into a combination of “hero boxes” and new dungeon adventures boxes.
Which is sensible, but doesn’t bode well for Vanguard.

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I don’t think it has an impact on Vanguard, the hero box for the nightstalkers already exists for vanguard so having these for KoW isn’t massively different except you lose the cards and gain a horror.

It’s not really much different from Deadzone and Firefight, not every player will do both so sometimes you just have to stock two skus

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Love the void lurker


Thrilled to see full unit sculpts for NS troops, loving the other Butchers and Reapers. As always, it’s cool to finally see Mantic’s take on entries I’ve seen modeled a hundred ways now, like the Void Lurker. The production model looks quite good, very fitting.

EDIT: Nice tweak on the Butchers to have a loincloth rather than questionable crotch fur :grimacing:

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Although does make it slightly more difficult for those with mouthhands or hooks to dress themselves in the mornings?

I guess that is what the spectres are relegated to now?

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