Nightstalkers prototype army

Was messing around on EasyArmy, came up with this list. Thoughts? (I haven’t committed to about half of these, yet)
Scarecrows (Horde) 130

  • Blade of Slashing 5
  • Screamshard 5

Doppelgangers (Regiment) 145

Butchers (Regiment) 125

Mind-screech 150

Fiends (Horde) 215

  • Maccwar’s Potion of the Caterpillar 20

Portal of Despair[1] 90

Shade 135

Horror 65

  • Aura (Vicious (Melee) - Infantry only) 30
  • Bane Chant (2) 20
  • Weakness (2) 15
  • Mind Fog (2) 15

Planar Apparition 165

Doppelgangers (Regiment) 145

Esenyshra, the Wailing Shadow [1] 160

Scarecrows (Regiment) 80

Mind-screech 150

Reapers (Troop) 135

Total Unit Strength: 21
Total Units: 14
Target Points: 2000
Core (Target%): 2000 (100%)

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Lots of great stuff going on. I myself would drop the Scarecrow upgrades, swap the Reaper troop into a second Butcher regiment, give the Shade a weapon (Blade of the Beast Slayer > Axe of the Giant Slayer > Scythe of the Harvester > Mournful Blade I think in that order), and change the Horror’s mind fog into Conjurer’s Staff. If you wanted the Scarecrow regiment to be a horde, you could easily mine the points from the Horror’s aura + weakness.

EDIT: I’m not 100% on the Horror aura without going heavier on non-Me 5+ infantry. Even with the Reaper troop I took away to give you the more dedicated thicc chaff Butchers, just not much benefits from it. If you dropped it, you could go ultra spendy and give the Fiends Brew of Sharpness. ‘Negates’ hindering but also tears faces off in the clear.

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Thanks :+1: I’m not super familiar with army building, so this was exactly the type of response I was hoping for! (Y’know… before I spend even more money on minis)

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With spellcasters, unless they come with multiples [Edit- "multiple spells - so don’t have more than 2 spells unless you start with more], don’t get more than two - it tends to be a waste of points and having a couple of casters with 1/2 each often better.

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So, having two Mind-screeches, a planar apparition, and a horror is too many casters?

Sorry - don’t get more than 2 spells on each caster

Gotcha. Yeah, I can see that