Noob - Is Line of Sight 180°?

Sorry, if this is a total noob question, but I just started with KoW coming from 9th Age.

Is it true that your unit has a 180° line of sight? I see that you have quarters for front/flank/rear, but I’m unable to find any restriction for LoS,so does it mean that I can see the complete area in front of my unit in all directions until I look over my own unit?

Thanks for answering!


LoS is from the leader point (front centre ), but may not pass through the unit itself, so yes 180. However for most targetted actions that interact, think charging/shooting, the enemy needs to be in the front arc too.


Agree with above. Target needs to be both in front arc and in line of sight for charging and shooting, this means sometimes your unit may not actually see the part of the enemy that is in your front arc but it may see the back corner of it, then you may declare a charge and attempt to manouvre into the right spot.

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Ah, sorry, yes found it on page 30 of the rule book. I was a bit confused of the seperating of LoS and front arc.
Thank you for the answer!

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