Noob Player's first EoD list

Hi all, total newbie here. Just getting into the game, not managed a game yet but I’ve got long history with WFB so I’m looking to get stuck in. Thinking of going to CoK '24 so I’ve picked EoD and picked up an ambush box to get started .

Hoping for some advice on a list, this is what I have so far:

I’m a few hundred short of 2300, deliberately leaving space for magic items since I’m not sure yet which ones will work best.

Nothing fundamentally wrong with that as a basis.

The cavalry look slightly out of place without other support, but not as bad in other lists

In about 2 weeks the spear hordes will get better/cheaper when the Clash update drops :wink:

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The cav are there mainly because I got 10 with the ambush box so i may as well use them.

What’s the Clash update?

Annual army update with rule changes, point updates etc. It’s done to balance armies, tweak stuff that isn’t working orca touch overpowered.

The book is out on 6th November and the changes will appear on the Companion a week later.

With regards to EoD, there is a podcast (episode 661) with an army review and the forthcoming changes here.


Thank you for being so helpful!