Northern Alliance (friendly Varangur!)

Right, having painted an abyssals army in about 3 months (not used any of it yet on the table!) now looking at doing some northern alliance stuff.

A lot of my Varangur was barbarian themed, as was some of the Kingdoms of Men stuff I had, so hopefully have a decent chunk of stuff that can be used.

Getting the starter set so will have 40 clansmen and some trolls, picked a vanguard starter as a Clash freebie (and a giant!) plus some leftovers of another will give some mantic involvement.

Frostgrave (oh, name might give idea :wink: ), Fireforge and shieldwolf are looking like being involved, as are nolzurs d&d stuff (giant & bolt throwers).


Bit of a clearer comparison/WiP shot of the shield maiden/ mantic kit bashes

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WiP on the frost giant and I found an air/water elemental horde that I’ve now iced up!


First lot of firepower - pair of bolt throwers (nolzurs d&d with Frostgrave crew)


Giant finished

Second one will the freebie mantic giant from Clash (thanks guys :wink: )

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Chimera and latest group shot.


Planned colour scheme for the ice trolls



Cool giant! I like the red-furred troll idea.

Cheers - test model’s looking OK so far

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Berserker troop finished

Got round to painting the dwarfs - only to subsequently see the very nice ones from the preview pics. Oh well, suppose I’ll get a unit of those later anyway!