Northern Alliance List Feedback

Still fairly new to KoW and miniature wargaming in general, but I’ve won my last 5 games with these lists. Both are basically the same armies at their core, I just dropped a war engine and chaff for another Ice Queen and magical items. My main strategy is to go out and punch my opponent in the mouth as hard as I can. But Northern Alliance is pretty slow, so I’ve been told it’s not a good alpha strike option and that I’m gonna have a really hard time dealing with fast Elf lists and war engines.

Would love to get some feedback of what other options/ideas may be out there that could help me hammer out an all-over, well rounded list. I’m thinking about dropping the legendary giant to gain an extra 30 points so I can put boots of levitation on my Chimera. But I don’t know if the ability to move at the double and still shoot is worth giving up an extra 2 melee attacks, 4 breath attacks, and -/20 for 18/20 nerve. Advice like that is what I’m looking for as a new player. Any ideas/options folks have, I would love to hear them.


I should also probably note that the 1 queen I have in the list with the ice bolt thrower has icy breath swapped out for surge.