Northern Alliance vs Greenskins

Battle Report

Northern Alliance v Orcs and Goblin combined force

Points 3000 ish

The Mission:-Pillage

(5 Objectives rolled – 3 on the Orc and Goblin side, 2 on Northern Alliance side)

Greenskins to start.

Turn one- Greenskins Army.

Scout move: A troop of Skulks snuck into the forest and claimed an objective, moving side on during their move to allow other units to slip passed them, thus losing their LOS to shoot, but nothing was within range anyway.

The somewhat congested Greenskin assault cautiously advanced, limiting the units within charge range in Turn One for their opponents.

Ranged Attacks: The three Goblin Slashers parked on the hill behind some terrrain dolmens and covering one of the objectives, fired a volley of Sharpstick throwers at Hrimm the Legend who was partially obscured by cover. The Two Big Rock Throwers on the bridge by the second objective followed suit, and Hrimm took 5 wounds in total. On the right flank, Fleabag rider Sniffs regiment advanced into the forest there, and fired on the unit of Snow Foxes, which were giving protecting cover for Frostfang cavalry. The foxes suffered 5 wounds but did not break.

No Melee possible.

Turn one- Northern Alliance Army.

The Northern Alliance army was likewise hampered by the sheer size of the force and by terrain, so likewise cautiously advanced.

Both Flanks, however, showed potential for charges.

Ranged attacks: The troop of Ice Kin hunters slunk forward in the scout phase and shot at the Greenskin Giant that was threatening the right flank with the Gore Riders. The Ice Kin Bolt throwers on the ship also tagetted him. Together they scored 4 wounds, insufficient to waver him.

The Elven bowman, managed one wound against the Goblin Slashers on the hill.

The Ice Pack hunters fired javelins at the horde of trolls in the forest, scoring 2 wounds.

Finally, a combined Icy Breath by the Ice Elementals and the Ice Queen scored 8 wounds on the regiment of Fleabag riders skulking up the stream in the middle of the battlefield and routed them… first blood to Northern Alliance.

The Snow Foxes, smarting from a hail of Goblin arrows, charged into the forest and scored two wounds against the Greenskin Fleabag Sniffs, who likewise refused to break.

On the opposite flank, the Regiment of Tundra Wolves charged the Regiment of Gore Riders, ravaging 8 wounds off them, but they remained Stalwart


Turn Two- Northern Alliance Army.

With the Snow foxes routed, the way is now clear for the Frostfang Cavalry to charge. Thankfully the Fleabag slashers had moved out of the forest, or they would have left the exposed flank of a Regiment of Gore Chariots open to a charge by the Snow trolls. With no charge available, the trolls repositioned themselves to threaten the Slasher flank, should the Half elf berserkers fail to deal with their counter charge. The Thegn assisted them with a charge of his own on the same monster. The Lord led the countercharge by the Human Clansmen horde on the horde of Gore Chariots.

In a clever move, the other regiment of clansmen, previously attacked by Mansplitter, backed out of combat, turned and charged into the flank of the Longax horde, along with the Ice Naiads and the second Horde of Snow Trolls hoping to reassert themselves on that side of the battle.

This left Olaf the Barbarian free to charge the bewildered Morax Mansplitter, using his 12 attacks Unstoppable whirlwind to hopefully take the big orc hero out

With the horde of greenskin trolls blocking his way, Hrimm had no option but tocharge them.

With no one visible to use her Icy breath on, the Ice Queen joined in the mass attack on the Orc Horde.

Which left only the Elven bowen and the Bolt Throwers as ranged attacks.

As the Ice Kin Hunters were wavered, they couldn’t attack the greenskin giant, so they backed out of combat, leaving the giant vulnerable to bolt thrower missiles, which inflicted sa further two wounds on him., but wasn’t wavered. The Elven Clansmen were typically useless and failed to wound.


Hrimm was as expected, legendary, smashing into the troll horde and inflicting a staggering 9 wounds, which due to the sheer brutality of the attack was enough to rout them in one round.

The combined attack against the Longax horde were hampered by terrain, but managed a combined total of 9 wounds , but not enough to waver them.

Olaf did 5 wounds on Morax Mansplitter, failing by one point to rout the fearless Orc hero.

The Lord, and his Human Clansmen horde inflicted 11 wounds on the Gore Chariot horde, which even with the Inspiring influence of the nearby Krudger on Winged Slasher, was enough to rout them.

The regiment of human clansmen, inflicted 5 wounds onto the already wounded Goblin Slasher, then rolled boxcars 12 to rout it. I mistakenly rerolled it due to the krudger, but they rolled 11 so it was still routed either way, but it was a Goblin beast, not an orc one so no reroll was actually needed. Then the Thegn and Half elf berserkers attacked the other Slasher, inflicting 2 wounds apiece.

Finally, the Frostfang cavalry attacked the Fleabag Rider Sniffs inflicting a further 10 wounds on them and routing them. The Northern Alliance now controlled the left flank, with Snow Trolls and Frostfangs facing in towards the exposed thanks of the Orcs. However, that side of the stream still held two regiments of orc Greatax, A Krudger on winged Slasher, two goblin slashers, and a regiment of Gore chariot, plus Gakamak and Morax Manslayer.

On the opposite bank, the horde of Longax were besieged, but there were plenty of reinforcements in the horde of Orcling playmtes, the two shamen, a giant, some badly injured Gore riders and a troop each of Moraxe, and f Skulks, Plus a war drum and a Mincer… if they could only get them into the fray.

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The greenskin forces

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Turn Three- Greenskins Army.

On the Orcs right side of the river which was dividing the battlefield in half, those units already engaged, counter attacked, while those not yet engaged, raced into the fray. One of the two regiments of Greatax held back, holding the objective, even backed down the hill a bit to lessen the chance of being charged by the Frostfangs. The other regiment left them to it, marching towards the hottest part of the battle, but unable to gain charge distance this turn. They would be ready, however, for any break in the front line. The other units were fleeter, and easily reached the enemy, with the flying Krudger on winged Slasher taking to the air to reach the furthest and perhaps toughest opponent, the troop of Huscarls by the river bank. These could not be allowed to cross the river and assist the forces on the far bank.

Also charging were the Gore Chariot regiment and Gakamak , who both attacked the previously mauled Human Clansmen horde, hoping to finish them off.

The final Goblin Slasher clambered over the corpse of one of the other slashers and attacked the regiment of human clansmen that had killed their fellow goblin beast.

On the other side of the river the Orc horde counter attacked the Ice Naiads, while the Troop of Moraxe found an exposed flank and managed to charge the Snow Trolls. The giant attacked the Ice Kin Hunters again, hoping to finish them off this time.

The badly wounded Gore riders had no option to attack, so opted to race deep into enemy territory with a plan to seek shelter behind a hut from the missile barrage of the Ice kin, and hopefully, attack the bolt throwers later in the battle or come at the enemy from the rear.

Other units clambered to get closer to the action.

Ranged attacks. The Skulks and the Rock thrower both focused on Hrimm the giant, bringing him up to 13 wounds with some outstanding shooting, and to make matters worse, they managed to rout him.

The Orc Shamen both worked to bolster the battered horde, with Wip casting a heal and healing one wound, and the Godspeaker casting Drain life on a regiment of Clansmen, taking two wounds from them to heal the horde also.

In the following combat, the Orc Giant easily routed the Ice Kin hunters, finally eliminating all resistance on that flank.

The flank charging troop of Morax managed 9 wounds on the snow trolls, and even managed to waver them. The Orc horde managed 5 wounds on the Ice Naiads and would have broken the with the power of their bosspole, but for the inspiring influence of the Ice Queen.

On the other bank of the river, the current helped the Huscarls, impeding the Krudger on Winged Slasher’s attacks, but he still managed to give them 4 wounds.

The Regiment of Gore Chariots inflicted a further 4 wounds to the already harried Human Clansmen horde, bringing them to 14 wounds, and then the unholy terror that is Gakamak struck, adding weight to his ferocious blows from charging downhill, adding a further 7 wounds. Insane courage was needed, but the clansmen had had enough, and fled the field.

The Goblin Slasher also charged down from the hill, but was hindered by the hedgerow, as he attacked the regiment of clansmen, bringing them to 5 wounds.

His fellow Slasher continued the battle against the half elf berserkers, a battle he had been slowly losing. He managed 5 wounds bringing them to 6, , but they shrugged it off with snake-eyes, and healed one back, bringing them to 5 wounds with Iron resolve.

Morax Manslayer failed to kill the barbarian, only inflicting two wounds.

The Orcs had eliminated Hrimm, and finished off the Ice Kin hunters and the horde of human Clansmen, but hadn’t significantly tipped the battle in their favour. Could the much depleted Northern Alliance still rally.

Turn Three- Northern Alliance Army.

The Snow Trolls, wavered as they were, retreated slightly to protect their fland and regenerated some of their wounds. The Ice Naiads also healed themselves before countercharging the Orc horde, with the regiment of Clansmen , swivelling away also to charge the onrushing Mincer, which had been bearing down on them.

The Lord and the Huscarls both attacked the Winged Slasher. The Thegn and other regiment of clansmen countercharging one of the Goblin Slashers whilst the Half Elves counter attacked the other Slasher. They were assisted in this by a flank charge from the other Snow Troll horde, which was finally getting to see some action.

The Frostfang cavalry barely made the charge through the edge of the forest and up the hill to where the regiment of Greatax were protecting the objective, but barely is close enough, despite the efforts of that regiment to get out of range.

The Ice queen skirted behind the Naiads and summoned an Icy Breath against the troop of morax that had done so much damage to the other horde of Snow Trolls., inflicting 3 wounds on them and managing to rout them despite the nearby war drum… was just out of reach.

Between them, the two Ice Kin Hunters took a further three wounds from the giant, bringing him to 9 and the Elven bowmen managed one wounds against the Gore Chariots.

Melee: The Frostfang cavalry, hindered as they were, only managed two wounds against the Greataxe regiment.

The Flanking Snow trolls, likewise hindered by terrain, managed 4 wounds on the Goblin slasher, with another two coming from the Half elves… poor rolls so far indeed! That brought the Slasher to 10 wounds and again, poor rolls meant that it survived, The other Goblin Slasher took 5 wounds from Thegn and Human Clansmen, but again failed to rout or waver the unit.

The Lord inflicted 4 wounds on the winged Slasher, and another 4 from the Huscarls, giving it 8 wounds, they needed a 9 to waver it, and rolled 8.

The regiment attacking the Mincer faired little better, only inflicting 2 wounds. Could the Naiads be the unit to win a scalp?

Scoring only one wound, it looked doubtful.

The Longax horde were now on 7 needing boxcars 12 to waver them. The Naiads rolled 11!

Wait, we almost forgot the Barbarian’s epic dual against Morax Manslayer. He cut four more wounds into the Orc hero, bringing it to 9… then rolled 12 on the morale!, Reroll needed for the Krudger on the Winged Slasher was within his aura… 3! No good. A disastrous round of dice rolls for the Northern Alliance that may cost them the game!

Turn Four- Greenskins Army.

The greenskin reinforcements shuffled positions eager to get stuck in, but due to poor attacks by the Northern Alliance, the engaged units were all still in play.

The Gore Riders on the left flank wheeled around the hut, heading towards the ship in the heart of Northern Alliance territory, where the two bolt throwers were located.

The Orc giant also pressed inwards from that flank, getting ready to charge the Snow Trolls next turn if needed.

The Orcling Playmates shuffled across the stream, creating a flesh wall between the greenskin artillery units on the bridge and the objective between them, and any threat that might break through from the melee in the centre of the battlefield.

Some minor shuffling took place in the combat, with the badly injured Goblin Slasher continueing its desperate fight against the Half Elf Berserkers, ignoring the horde of trolls on its flank for now. If it finished off the half-elves, it could then turn to face the trolls. If not…it was likely doomed when the Berserkers countered.

The Other remaining Goblin Slasher beside it, focused its counter attack on the Thegn, hoping to deny the Northern Alliance of his Inspiring Talisman’s influence , and that of his Talanaar’s Standard, while the regiment of Gore Chariots and Gakamak both charged the Human Clansmen’s flank together.

One of the two regiments of Greatax charged off the hill into the Lord, while the Krudger on Winged Slasher focused his attention on the Huscarls. The other Greatax countercharged the Frostfang, while protecting their objective.

Morax Manslayer hoped to finally get the better of Orlaf the Barbarian, a duel he had so far been losing.

On the other side of the stream , the horde of Longax tangled with the Ice Naiads, and the Mincer wrangled with the second regiment of human Clansmen, effectively blocking any possible charge by the Orc reinforcements.

The Skulks however could fire arrows at the Horde of Snow Trolls that had withdrawn from combat last round as they had been wavered. Despite the cover of other units in melee, they managed one wound. The artillery Rock Throwers also aimed for the Snow Trolls, from their raised position on the bridge. They failed to hit, but that one lucky arrow shot was enough to waver the trolls again.

Wip attempted to heal the orc horde, successfully healing one of their wounds, while The Godspeaker cast bane chant successfully on the Orc horde.


The Longax horde scored 8 wounds on the Naiads, with the additional benefit of Bane chant, now totalling 11 wounds.This, even with the benefit of the Ice Queens presence, was too much for the Ice Naiads and they routed. Allowing the orc horde to march into the woodland and take the objective.

The Mincer did 4 wounds to the regiment of Clansmen, and Morax did four to Orlaf but both were resolute and unshaken.

The Krudger on winged Slasher managed 5 wounds on the Huscarl troop bringing them to 9. but with a roll of snakeeyes, they stood their ground.

Fresh into the battle, the greatax bore down on the Lord, which was enough to waver him, if not rout him.

The other regiment of Greatax faired worse only managing two wounds on the Frostfang Cavalry,

Gakamak and the Gore Chariots charging into a flank would surely do better, and they did indeed, bringing the wound count for the Human regiment up to 23, and there was no snakeeyes this time to save them.

The Thegn suffered 5 wounds but ironically rolled snakeeyes. The half Elf berserkers also got a further 5 wounds and were routed.

At this point, with only limited units left on the board, the Northen Alliance accepted defeat. Nothing short of a miracle could win the day.

However, Orlaf ignored the horn of retreat, and with his blood up, stood his ground and finally killed Morax Manslayer