Northern Alliance vs Kingdom of Men

I got in a quick game over the weekend, and my opponent was gracious enough to type up a fantastic battle report:



Got in another game, and my opponent was once again gracious enough to put together a well-written battle report:


Knight troops are decent counter chaff, but don’t expect them to do much in a front charge - esp hindered!

Militia for just sitting on objectives is fine - or run hordes for blocking up stuff.

Like a mix of Footguard and berserkers.

Going quite msu you are reliant on combi charging, flanks or above average dice to put some hurt down.

The Outlaws formation looks pretty solid - lists often have a couple of troop of bowmen anyway, while the character is tasty. Volley fire is really a situational bonus.

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I was the Northern Alliance player on this one :joy:

Pass on the advice! :wink:

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Round 3 of the Northern Alliance vs KOM report is up:

My opponent does another great write-up. In this game, I went heavy on the shooting (ice kin hunters, ice elementals, two bolt throwers), which performed remarkably well against his def 3 and 4 wall of humans. We’re trying to work our way through the scenarios and test out a bunch of different units, so expect continued variety going forward!

I will say that on paper, the ice elementals don’t strike me as that great–but in actual play, they were superb. Def 5, -/17 nerve, surgeable units are powerful!


Round 4: