Oathmark and Mantic Elves

Has anyone tried mixing Oathmark and Mantic elves in the same army? How does the scale look?
On the whole I dislike the Mantic elves, but am ok with the cavalry and palace Guard. And the new Drakons are very cool.
As a result of 3rd ed, it doesn’t look like I need spears or vast amounts of bows, maybe some Gladestalkers and some Shieldwatch and the Oathmark kits will make both of these. Add in Mantic cav, Palace Guard, characters and drakons for flavour. But will the styles mesh?

I already have a GW High Elf army which I have semi-converted to KoW via movement trays but this now needs updating with Gladstalkers and Shieldwatch now that archer and spear hordes make less sense. So I could use the Oathmark kits for that maybe.
And as Mantic have yet to update Elves for Vanguard, maybe I should hold fire and see what happens…

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I think that in separate units they should be OK - the older mantic elves are on the skinny side, the newer ones look a touch chunkier.

The Oathmark elves are a nice kit - and scale well with historical stuff like Fireforge for kitbashing

I would be interested in this as well.

I ve got a some Gladestalkers planned for my army eventually and still undecided what models to use. Either the Mantic ones with added cloaks (even have some old twilight kin units laying around that I could use the cloaks from) or something else like Oathmark light elf infantry … which look much more like archetypical “stealthy archer elves.”

If you do end up getting some of those models @DreadNort I’d be very happy for some side by side pictures :slight_smile:

I do like the GW mirkwood elves (the set with a mix of male & female ones) which I plan on using as gladestalkers

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