Of Elves and Kindreds

Inspired by KnightCaptainTyr, I wanted to start writing up some fluff for my elven host in Mantica…sorry, Pannithor. However, I seem to have some trouble finding much to work with. On one hand this is great, I have the freedom to work in almost anything I like, but on the other I don’t want to write something that really doesn’t fit in the world. The best I found online was the story of the Fenulian Mirror and this little piece that names nine Kindreds, but has very little meat on them: https://manticblog.com/2017/07/12/kings-war-summer-campaign-introduction-elves/

1d4chan and other sources are equally unhelpful, and the new rulebook is still ways off. Some of the units/individuals give hints to story (you can’t have Elven Kings without there being kingdoms, so a semi-independent kingdom wouldn’t be too much of a stretch?) Does anyone have an online source I could use or could someone educate me on the current situation of elves? How desperate is it really? Is all hope lost and death certain, like in a certain grimdark fantasy setting? How long do elves live? What’s their society like?

I’d ideally have a semi-independent kingdom ruled by a slightly more reasonable king, which would make him a bit of an odd duck amongst more conservative elves, but that would have allowed him to form some relationships with the other good races (notable Basilea, since I plan to have a small force of them in the future). Would something like this work at all?


do you have the core rulebook? because it goes into some of the details about elvenhome, the kindreds, and so on.

first, lets throw a map up so we can get our bearings.
The Continent of Mantica

i’ll condense the backstory, but basically the elves, like men and dwarves, learned a lot from the Celstials, being of immense power. which lead to vast kingdoms of each race. the breaking of that mirror, and the chaos that followed because of the shattering of the celestials into light and dark forms, hit the elves pretty hard. most of their old kingdom now lies under the Infant Sea. south of that sea you have elvenhome, the center of the surviving elvish realm. you also the Brokenwall islands as a bit of the area around the euhedral library as elvish areas. really, it is indicated that there are elvish held lands all over the map (the forest of Galahir for example), but the big one is Elvenhome.

the Kindreds are basically regional variations of elves from across their empire, many of which have been idplaces by the sea. imagine if the british islands sank and everyone there had to move to scotland. they are all english but you have the welsh english and the english english and the scots english and so on, each with their own dialects, accents, traditions, and the like.
western kindrids get described as being “sea elfs”, fortifying the city of walldeep (an old elvish city that was walled around by rock via magic to protect it from the sea rising. with the city lying well below sealevel but the tops of the walls being 40+ yards above) and the broken wall islands, and using many ships to patrol the coasts and sea.
the northern kindreds are described as isolationist and independant, unliek the western and eastern kindreds which stand together. the northen kindred is actually split, with an exiled prince that led many of their kind far to the north to settle in the Bitter lands and winterlands. (“ice mountains” on that map. it is liekly that at least part of these elves are i nthe northern Alliance faction we are getting with 3rd ed.)
the eastern kindreds once lived on Savannah, but the ophidian desert is now spreading across their land. the eastern kindred are described as nomadic, and riders of “drakons”, great beasts which were once native to their land.
the southern kindreds don’t get much mention aside from the fact that the desert has already consumed most of their lands, leaving only a few cities where the surrounding greenery and good conditions are protected by magic.
the Mouth of leith is described as the home of the “dark kin”, elves who turned their back on “all that is good” during the godwar. the location is a shadowy place, the mouth of a deep ‘underworld’ where strange things roam.
the forest of Galahir in the north is a realm of ‘forest elves’, the sylvan kin, who embraced nature and rejected things like stone cities. they embraced the green lady, one of the gods created during the godwar, and she protected the forest during the glacial onslaught during the war of winter.

so really, the main book doesn’t provide much material either. we do have some interesting elements to work with though. the southern kindred are basically desert elves living in magical oasis-cities, so perhaps a middle eastern feel to them, the western kindred are nomads and beast riders, so they might well have a bit of a Mongol or Turkic feel?


Thanks for the info! No, I don’t have the core rulebook, still transitioning from the old game and setting so we’ve been using the free rules and Clash of Kings supplements. The upcoming core book will hopefully be a bit richer on the lore, but as Mantic isn’t making army-specific books, I’m hoping there will be a new Mantic website in the future with some lore there, similar to how GeeDubs used to be 10 or so years ago.

So setting up an independent kingdom in the lamds around the Euhedral Library wouldn’t be too absurd? It also seems like the Kindreds don’t really get along, but that some of them do?

probably not but with 3rd edition coming out soon, and supposed to have a ton more lore, so perhaps keep the plans vague so you can plug it into whatever we get in the new edition. we’ll also have a map that shows more of the world (small resolution version released as a teaser shown below) so you might see somewhere you find interesting that isn’t on the current map.

between the new edition and the new map that actually has a scale on it, i’m expecting to have to develop the background to mine from scratch.

and the impression i get is that they have some deep differences of opinion and relations due to their different regional cultures and the degree each got impacted by the cataclysmic events in the history. some of them certainly seem to actively dislike each other due to ideological differences. (the sylvan elves vs the other kindreds for example)