Ogre Palace Guard Alternative Models?

Anyone have any good ideas for alternative Ogre Palace Guard miniatures? I’m unwilling to pay $90 for a horde of the Mantic ones due to the lack of variety in their poses. For Vanguard they look great but I think they look awful ranked up. End rant.

I have heard of people using Stormcast, but would prefer to avoid that option since I think they look pretty derpy too. Additionally, I do have a resin 3D printer, so some sweet .STL files are also on the table.



Warmachine/Hordes Ogre can be an option eg Legion of Everblight Warmongers would be a nice base for a conversion http://privateerpress.com/hordes/gallery/legion-of-everblight/units/blighted-ogrun-warmongers

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I am unwilling to pay € 80 for a horde of six miniatures regardless of quality. I do love the aestetic of the models, only the price is too much. If the price of the model were comparable to -say- Elohi, I would buy a regiment or two, but at this price - no.

One of the reasons I quit Warhammer was GW pricing. This is still the reason I will not buy a citadel miniature ever again at store prices. Mantic has -a lot- more credit than GW in the pricing department, but I do think the palace guard direction of pricing is plainly the wrong road.


That is a solid foundation for a conversion project!

If the miniatures are awesome to me, odds are decent that I will fork out the cash for a unit or two, but probably not to build an army of them.

But I get really price intolerant when I don’t care for the sculpts.

As mentioned above, I would just use Stormcast. Big armored guys and pretty cheap.

It’s not really about price as much as it is about having cool miniatures. I don’t think Stormcast are cool looking.

I found these two files and I think if I scale them up to Ogre size, they would work well. I would have to modify them a bit to squeeze out two more versions to get to the minimum model count.

Once I get good enough at digital sculpting, I won’t be in these predicaments any more.

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When I use my KoM as Basilia I use Mierce miniatures for palace guard, but they are definitely not cheap.


What a horde!

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I’m going with 4 of the Mantic ones (inc 1 I have for Vanguard) plus some terrain in my first horde.

The second are some Stormcasts (5 for £5 at a show) with leftover mantic heads. Its the heads I never liked from GW so the beefer Mantic ones look more Ogre and at £1 each from the Bring&Buy hard to resist!

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I’m either thinking about going full stormcast or using Asoiaf TMG mountains men as palace guard. The miniatures are absurdly big when compared to the normal foot soldier, so maybe 6 in a base with some terrain to bul out the occupied space would look that bad, not ideal but definitely not terrible

Here is 6 in a tray

Unfortunately I don’t have basileans or ogres to compare them scaleswise but they should most definitely be much bigger than humans

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It is a bit tricky to realise their size based on the photos.

But I think with a bit of work it can work, maybe raise their base up a bit (maybe they are standing atop a hill or entrenchment?) just to make their height 3 a bit clearer