Ogre Warriors

Hi all. Still relatively new to KoW - only have 5 games under my belt. Looking to start up Ogres… always loved ogres in other fantasy universes, and the low model count is a nice plus.

Picked up two Ogre armies, going to start building tomorrow. What’s the general consensus on Warriors? 2H weapons or shields? I can see arguments for having either one, but I think I’m still too new to understand why one would be better than the other.

I think my plan is to do 4 hordes (5 models multi based) of Warriors with 2H weapons. Also, since I have y’all reading this… boomers or shooters? Boomers unlock and I don’t think the 30inch Shooters range is worthwhile on a melee heavy army. So looking to do 2 hordes (again 5 models multi based) of boomers… this the right call?

Will round out the army after getting these first two boxes done (maybe add a giant or something)… but seems like the boxes would get me to around 1400/1600 range, so should be a fun start!

Thanks for any tips and advice!


hi nscg
Ogre’s rock!

Aside from that, I personally like Warriors with 2Hweaps. Cuz Crushing Strength 2 is great on your to-wound dice, effectively bringing your opponent 4 defense down to a 2+ on to wound dice - that’s a good thing right?

Boomers or shooters? Both!

Again my humble opinion. Boomers are grand at 12 inches - 18 hits needing 4’s w/steady aim and pierce 1+ NASTY!
Shooters are throwing 18 hits out there at 30 inches and needing 5’s not great I admit but still, 4-8 hits go in then pierce 2+ comes into play, and with any luck, you get several wounds. If you continue doing that another turn or two on that opponent’s unit it should disappear on a nerve fail before engaging, right? With Boomers you can move a little bit and shoot without penalty - Not so with shooters - they pretty much need to tuck in and hold where they set up unless needed in melee.

At the end of the day boomers or shooters… remember they are both Ogres and when it is time to dance they drop the long-range toys and do the tango! Everyone has Crush1+ AND everyone is Brutal adding a pip to the Nerve test, what’s not to like?

If my math is correct 4 warrior hoards and 2 shooter hoards put you at 1260 points - plain jane, no spells or other buys.
Hope that helps


Appreciate the thoughtful reply! Definitely gave me something to think about… but will probably go with the boomers and definitely the Warriors with 2h for now. Worst case scenario… another opportunity to build and paint some new units later!

Thanks again!

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I’d echo what Lynx said, I’m a fan of the solid hand weapon and shield ogres with some 2hdd weapons for punch. Also there are times when I like to run regiments for the flanks.

I know you’re planning mainly hordes but if you assemble two regiments of 2hdd and two regiments with shields then you can field them in multiple ways.

If I want two hordes of 2hdd ogres, then I put the 2hdd regiment to the front and the shields to the rear so whatever the opponent sees coming at them is the correct type.

I like this option a lot! I built the first box yesterday and I have to say… those 2h weapons were NOT fun to put together lol

Very fidgety. Had a nightmare of a time getting the arms to line up with the body. Even after washing the pieces with soap and water, they still didn’t like the glue.

I’m pretty sure I’m going to build the rest with the shields to save another headache… I’ll put the “correct” models for that unit in front. Thanks for the tip!

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I always give the glue joins a light scuffing with a file or sandpaper

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Will use this tip on the next box… never thought to try this

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been tinkering with ogres for a couple of months now. I would not go two handed. yes the crushing 2 is nice but with the nerve that ogres have, it becomes pretty easy to waver them. you’d be surprised how much that extra defense helps. if you are looking to expand your army in the future, i’d look at dropping some warriors and making room for seige breakers. warlocks with drain life are pretty good. the hero warlock is great, it gives vicious when it heals. keep in mind that spell casting can get up to a +2 if they are by two ogre units. the main weakness of ogres is shooting, the boomer chariots have a stealthy aura but keep in mind lightening bolts ignore stealthy now. Grokagomak is also not a bad hero along with the bully individual. Not sure about using a giant, everytime i have used one it gets targeted and ends up not doing much. i actually have used the mammoth with big deal, it gives a unit an extra brutal. having a ball of nerve is also not a bad idea., something like using a horde of rabble as a tar pit or warrior chariot legions if you want to get punchy.

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