Ogres 2000pts - for a friend

I’ve been putting together an Ogre list just for the heck of it (I’ve got an absolute mess of Warmachine/Hordes Trollblood models lying around unpainted, and a friend who is just getting into the game), and this is what I’ve come up with so far. I’d like some input if possible from the community, since I haven’t played it and I’m concentrating on my full Mantic Dwarfs & Elves. This isn’t for a super competitive environment, just a fun casual weekly play group type of deal.

Ogres 2000pts:
Warriors Legion w/ Potion of the Caterpillar and Crocodog
Shield Breakers Horde w/ Crocodog
Hunters Horde w/ Crocodog
Boomers Regiment
Boomers Regiment

Red Goblin Blaster

Ogre Warlock w/ Drain Life, Conjurer’s Staff
Army Standard Bearer w/ War Bow of Kaba
Ogre Warlord w/ 2 handed weapon

This clocks in at exactly 2000pts, 11 drops, 2 sources of (relevant) inspiring, and (should be, I think?) fully legal in terms of army composition. I’m mostly going with what models I have – in order of above: old metal Trollkin kriel warriors, champions, stone bearer stone scribes/ skinners, scattergunners, warbeasts, bomber warbeast, sorcerer, boomer standard, and Champ hero.

I’ve got a lot more than that, that’s just what it would take for this specific army, so I can tweak it a bit (no Chariot equivalents, though). Any help would be greatly appreciated in helping my friend get into the game :smiley:

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It’s legal… Im new to ogres… But looks solid to me