Old dragons

Dragons are old and this one sure is. Ive had him sitting around for about 20 years i think. The old prince imrik mini. However, the imrik part is entirely too fancy ans outrageous so i think ill try putting a cavalry rider on the dragon instead for my dragon kindred lord.


I’ve got to get good pictures of my Sisters of Twilight and get them on my blog, should I post them in the Old Dragon Collection too?

I’d say go for Imrik! Old school has a place and its right here haha. Good luck with the painting!


it reminds me of the old Warhammer Orc & Goblin Wyvern miniature

I have that!

Never quite got round to finishing everything to my satisfaction. Can’t find the orc’s head and I use it in vanguard for “capture the giant” so no rider makes sense.


I’ve got your guys twin here @screamingaddabs

the old Warhammer Azhag the Slaughterer dragon from over 20 years ago I lost Azhag but i’m gonna use this dragon as a vampire mount.


That’s it alright! I had to strip the awful paint job 14 year old (roughly) me did! My parents found it in the loft. They also recently found my giant from the same time period. At some point I will repaint him too…