Old models found at parents house

I happened upon this small stash at my parents’ house… Just thought I’d share! A mix of things left over from the mid to late nineties. I foolish sold loads of things at the time but this lot appear to have not been sold, probably as most of it is either very badly painted, broken or both!

I’m sure I’ll make use of some of it!


I know too many of those miniatures too well! Guess it means I’m old…and obsessed with minis😉

Great find, have fun bathing in nostalgia!


I’ll find good use for a fair few, others it’s just nostalgic to see! Annoyingly the dragon is missing one arm…

Some really fun finds there! I remember getting those black orcs back in the day, they came with a paint set right? Mine look a lot like yours, ha.

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I think there was a pack like that yes, though I remember buying mine as a pack of 10 (I think). I certainly remember saving up for them! I think the empire bloke and the chaos warrior are from a paint set (though I could be wrong).

I’m considering fixing up the goblin with the wings and using him as a proxy for a mawpup launcher!

Painting is much easier once you have the patience of an adult and once you have youtube tutorials on stuff! The paint I used was SO thickly applied and there was no highlighting or anything like that. Occasionally a wash has been applied but that’s about it!