On the Road to 3rd Edition

Hi Everyone,

So I wanted to start a hobby blog, one of the main ways I used forums back in the day, and with 3rd Edition around the corner I figured why not call it On the Road to 3rd.

I am currently not painting KoW stuff, as I don’t want to commit a lot of time and effort to something that may not exist, or be drastically different. With that in mind, I thought, at least for the time being, I would paint one of my other miniature wargaming loves, Lord of the Rings.

I love the LotR universe and game, so its a perfect game to hopefully push me off World of Warcraft Classic some, and get to painting again :).

I have a rough goal to paint or hobby a little bit everyday, and hopefully for at least an hour plus on days when time allows.

With all that in mind, I will start off painting a birthday present my amazing wife recently gave me, the Fellowship of the Ring. I’ll try to post at least 1 progress post every week on here :slight_smile:


I suggest you make a personal painting thread in the Showcase category instead of in the hobby category. Pardon for the categories not being perfectly explained, so it may not be as clear as I want it to be. (I have added "workshop " to the category name, dunno if that helps any).

also be aware that this is a KoW dedicated forum, so unless your Gandalf & crew gets made with square bases I can’t help it if some people flag it as they might feel like it’s advertising for a different game (in which case it would belong in the Other Games category) :sweat_smile:

Whatever the forum details end up being, I’m excited to watch you throw some paint around :slight_smile: +1 to painting everyday goal - I think late last year some (UK) Kings on Twatterton did a #hobbystreak thing where the goal was to hobby at least 30 minutes everyday? A noble endeavor, and not impossible either.

Good luck!