Oni's Swamp Frog Jamboree


I have begun building an all-frog list in the vein of Trident Realms. For models, I am digitally kitbashing the Swamp Gurunda set from Artisans Guild. I have to turn only a handful of available models into all new troop designs. I figured this would be a fun way to learn sculpting and mesh manipulation :slight_smile: I have no real idea what I am doing lol

Tree Leapers


Mostly stock models from AG, with the Horn/Spike motif and heavier armor throughout. I put together a new trident design and made a set of open/closed fists. These are still early in the phase and will need some cleanup, but should be the easiest overall. A bit of greebles here and there, and some reposes of the head/torso/arm directions to give me some unit variety are in the works.

Scale wise they will be slightly more muscular than Riverguard, maybe 5% larger just to give a slight visual difference as well.


Added Javelin Quiver for v1.2 build

For the Riverguard, I did away with the horned skin and turned it into pebbled/pimply texture. I also have removed the forearm armor in place of some simple wrappings, to denote the javelin throwing nature of their squad. In this example I also changed the arm angles on re-sculpt so they are more of an up ark on the rear throwing arm. Will have to see what else works with some of the duel wield base models.

Leaving them stock height, as they are the “basic” frog.

Jungle Stalkers (Ranged unit)

“Sniper V1”

“Sniper V2”

“Big Mouth V1”

Lore wise, I’m going to make these little guys jungle based and a pure ranged unit. Poison dart frogs were my inspiration here. They have smooth skin, smaller muscles/height overall and larger finger/toe pads. They also rock a set of bulbous eyes to better hunt their prey in low light conditions.

Like the Riverguard, these guys lack forearm armor. Their spaulder turtle shell has been replaced by a hardened spike mushroom. I will likely remove the shin armor as well or turn it into something else fun all together, not sure yet.

They will be scaled down approximately 10% compared to Riverguard.

More to come as I can slowly devote time to learning meshmixer


Example of the modifications in action

I can’t wait to get all these little suckers done :slight_smile: :smile:

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These are the sculpts I’d use (and started to print at some point too) for an all Riverguard army :frog: Good on you juicing them up, mods look great! Excited for the project.

A little progress today, added a new unit to the roster :smile:

Priestess (Aquamage)

First caster unit kitbash is nearing completion. This will serve as the Aquamage equivalent. Thinking about a 2nd version now – but this one was fun to build. Part snake, part frog…all caster.


The crew so far


Dambuster nearing completion. Still not 100% on the swords but I will keep working it. This was the hardest one to build yet time wise – but now I have the base to build some variation.


Nice job on the proper rider, I was never a huge fan of the surfing archer that he came with (tho off the toad he’s awesome). Love the devil toad sculpt tho, as huge as it is - which it looks like you’ve addressed here as well.

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Looking forward to seeing what you make!

Reminds me of this:


Rebuilt the Mage preistess – now with less chonk. Moving over to SculptGL and so far I really dig it - mocking up colors is a fun distraction from actually doing work :smile:


Really cool sculpts! I would love to see a printed model or unit. I bet they look ace on the table!