Ophidia hints - possible unit selection

Ophidia has been hinted at for many years now, the aim here is to collect these hints in one place and see if a picture of an army emerges.

While wish listing is fun, this thread is for things that have been hinted at. Please.

In Rise of the Celestians it is revealed that Ophidia and Ahmun (now the Empire of Dust) both have, in the origin of their civilization, the insidious uraeus. Serpent-like folk that are an ancient (prehistoric even before the celestians showed up) enemy of the elves. Which may mean serpent and desert themes for the army.

  • Guarding old structures in the desert where the Ophidian God-Kings meet are gnoll-like “guardians” - perhaps some kind of heavy infantry with stats akin to orc or herd units.
  • Djinn are desert spirits, that were made from Shobik- I suspect flying large infantry, possibly with spells like windblast.

The Twilight Kin Lore in Clash of Kings 2024 gives some details on Ophidia, as the Mouth of Leith is in the desert, these include:

  • Uraeus are described as eager to “maintain ties” with Twilight Kin, meaning that there are still surviving uraeus and they appear to be in some control of Ophidia.
    My guess for these (if they get to the table top) would be a spell casting hero. Maybe units of snake-folk?

Speaking of possible undead factions or sub-factions; there is mention of a vampiric “Tetsumo Shogunate”.
Vampire samurai, anyone?

What did I miss? Have you spotted any hints in other books?


Based on this, a human style army with a few non-human types units looks like a fit.

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