Orc armada starter ships

So ive finally got around to putting together my orc ships from the starter set. My boy particular likes the ramshackle look. The drill prow is a favorate. I do have a small gripe. While the masts and sail for the basilean ships come as one piece the orc mast and sails do not and as a result the very thin masts are pretty bendy and ive had the sails come off the mast (small attach points but i can work on that). I am curious as to why the mast and sails arent one piece but… orcs have a place in my heart so i like them despite this.


You’re not the only one. I switched ships with a mate of mine (my orcs for his basileans) and I think I got the better deal. The basileans are gorgeous and fun to assemble and paint.

Now, a year later, my ships are finished and he’s not progressed beyond the initial four ships because of this.

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Man that’s a bummer. I actually considered orcs as my ‘evil’ army. Those masts though…

I have been using liberal amounts of green stuff beneath the lashings and platforms at the Orc mast connection points to augment the superglue. Since the added green is all on the back of the sails and underneath those raised details, it does not really show up after painting / shading.

My only concern has been with snapping after a model drop, not separation, but that is mainly due to the pinning I had to add for my conversions.

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A guy in our gaming group used this solution:

cocktail sticks work remarkable well in Armada, anyhow. I also used them in my gur conversion which needed a new bow sprit.


Now that i can try!

However should they not work out, i guess ill be waiting on goblin coal powered paddle boats with strange contraptions all over them and bombs that sometimes explode too early.

Glorious greenskin tech! Hehe

Pretty sure later castings of the orc ships had one part sails/masts, as bendy mast syndrome was an acknowledged problem.

Given that they are orcs, and thus a touch ramshackled, it’s fairly easy to repair in a suitable manner