Orc Testudo

This is more of a trial piece using old models to see if the idea works, and was inspired by a picture of someone s Roman legionaries Testudo, I was thinking about doing it with a regiment of Dwarf Shieldbreakers I’d ordered, but the models only came with ten shields, so I tried it with ten battered Orks I was converting over to Longax orcs, and 20 shields and spears from leftover bits of savage orcs

The Orks I used were the dregs of my bits box, many missing arms or feet and paint and glue heavy, but as an experimental practice piece… It works

Suitably ramshackled look for the orcs :wink:

These look quite dinky https://www.shop.scotiagrendel.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=2760

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Many thanks, yes it would be perfect for a horde of Sharpstikk goblins, or if you want a propper square Testudo, then you’d want a longshielded dwarf Bulwark regiment