Orcs 3rd edition army lists and tactics

Hi guys,

Just acquired an orc army recently. Play tested against AD the other day in fools gold scenario and even though I lost, I could really see their potential. Anyone 3rd edition orc masters out there willing to share successful army lists and/or tactics? Any advice is welcome. I have heard that orcs took a huge nerf in 3rd edition too.

I play mostly against a heavy shooting AD army and have been caught out by mortars and LOGS playing with ogres, goblins and orcs.



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Have you checked out the Orc & Goblin Facebook page? " Greenskins Anonymous "

Ill attach some lists I found there that look good.

Thanks for this info. I’d like to find out reasoning for this guys love of morax. Seem cheap so I presume just used as chaff. Can you send me link to Facebook page please?

Cant be wavered. Wild charge . 15- 20 attacks at 3+ with Crushing. Great second wave unit. Bigger Anvil units like Ax Hordes hold and grind while Moraxe come in and smash. Im on my cell now, but ill put up a link in a bit.


Greenskins anonymous

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