Order of the Green Lady first list

So, I’ve fallen head over heels in love with the idea of a late medieval-style Green Lady force - aesthetically I’m looking for sort of an Autumn of the Middle Ages feel, all pageantry and chivalry covering up the end of an era. And I’m pretty sure this is going to be my first King of War army after the intro box I got six years ago. I’m thinking of this list here, but advice would be very welcome.

Order of the Green Lady - 2000 points

Men-at-Arms Retainers - Horde - 175
Men-at-Arms Retainers - Horde - 175
Order of the Brotherhood on Foot - Regiment - 145

Nothing fancy here, just a neat, dependable anvil to limit enemy movement possibilities and take hits

Order of the Brotherhood - Regiment - 245
Brew of Strength
Banner of the Green Lady
Order of the Brotherhood - Regiment - 215
Sir Jesse’s Boots of Striding
Order of Redemption - Regiment - 270
Maccwar’s Potion of the Caterpillar

A nice, big set of hammers to match the anvil

Beast of Nature - 205
Noxious Mist
Beast of Nature - 205
Noxious Mist

Fast and nimble units to fix problems and remove nuisances/chaff/artillery

Examplar of the Brotherhood - 80
Blade of Slashing

I thought I needed at least one unit that can get in the way of flank charges, and I didn’t want to take pegasi because I can’t afford the models at the moment.

Druid - 165
Bane Chant
Lightning Bolt
Wind Blast
Forest Steed

Yes, I’m aware I have nearly twice this guy’s value in items and spells on him. The idea is that he can support the cavalry in three ways: removing chaff with LB, Wind Blasting units out of alignment to create charge opportunities, and Bane Chanting them to hit harder when necessary/useful.

Druid - 115
Shroud of the Saint
Bane Chant

This guy is meant to provide inspiring and heal to the anvil, hopefully keeping them in the fight a good, long while.

Further considerations:

Some choices have been determined by either aesthetics or money considerations over battlefield effectiveness - even if I don’t really know what’ll be effective yet.

The beasts of nature are there because I want griffin knights. Who doesn’t want griffin knights?
The Order of Redemption is there because I’m a sucker for elites.

There are no elementals or pegasi because those are more expensive models than Perry Twins War of the Roses, and I’m just a student. In time, I’ll at least get some Fireforge Pegasus knights as either single pegasi or the Order of the Forsaken or both, but not yet.

So, any help?

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I know you mention the cost yourself, but I would drop Wind Blast at the point you buy the Boomstick. Or I’d go Wind Blast & Zephyr Crown instead of lightning. For 165 points you could buy two Druids and have 35pts left to spend on them, plus you’d have an extra source of Inspiring.

Yes, I was afraid you’d say that :smiley:

What should I spend the extra points on though? More horses? More retainers? Pegasi?

Thanks for the advice!

How about a Unicorn? One with wings and LB comes to 165.

The Unicorn has better stats and 5 dice for spells.

I’ve started taking +1 hit on my Knights (Basilean / Abyssals) as it has the same effect in the charge as the movement items but helps against Phalanx and in the grind .

Sharpness is one of those items that is pricy (obviously!!) but turns a knight reg into a real killer if given a free charge, while it becomes nasty in the grind (esp with bc).

Giving it to the one with the banner gets most bang for the bucks, but scattering the good stuff around leaves multiple units you can’t ignore

Good idea! I still need to internalise just how many items it can be a good idea to take in KoW…