Osric Windhammer , Dwarf Lord of the Raven Clan

Osric shifted his backside on the hard cold surface of the Opal Throne, carved from a single giant gem that had been mined from the Mountains heart and fashioned into the everlasting symbol of the might of the Lords of Caer Y Cudd. Although mindful of the power and prestige the Throne represented, Osric wished he could at least get a cushion to mitigate the bone chilling cold the massive Gemstone seemed to emanate. Osric found himself thinking wistfully of the comfortable leather chair in his private chambers or even the massive pile of furs the Lord of the Bear Clan got to park his arse on at ceremonial functions, bet that was warm and toasty mused Osric.

He was brought abruptly from his reverie by the sound of horns blowing at the far end of the chamber, echoing down the long hall and reverberating from the rows of columns and plinths that lined its walls, statues of his mighty ancestors staring down as they had done for centuries. He looked up as the ornate brass coated doors were swung back to reveal several fur clad figures. They bowed and then walked steadily forwards towards Osric, as they did, he watched with interest as the Elf, the Man and two Dwarfs approached his Throne. They were clad in a mix of Leathers and furs with chainmail and some armour plates strapped over them. The Elf carried a Bow slung over her back and the Man had a large sword sheathed at his side and a round shield slung over his shoulder, but it was the dwarfs that interested Osric the most. One was armed and armoured as a Shieldbreaker, albeit without the regimented appearance of even the Free Dwarfs to his apparel and the other was clad in the fur trimmed overalls of the Stoneclaws, but with subtle differences. So these were Free Dwarfs that had sought out the Elf Prince Talannar after the sundering and had become part of his Northern Alliance forces and now were returning to treat with the Free Dwarfs in their newly liberated hall of Caer Y Cudd in the Halpi Mountains.

The Four reached the steps at the foot of the dais on which Osrics throne sat and they bowed as one.

“Welcome and Well Met” boomed Osric as the Northern alliance delegation straightened up “What Brings you to Caer Y Cudd?”

The Dwarf in the Raven Riders Garb looked up at Osric, his piercing blue eyes flashing from under his heavy brows, “Hail Lord Osric Windhammer and Well Met, we have come to renew our ancient pledges to Clan and Hold and bring with us those who would aid us all in these times with the backing of our new Lord Prince Talannar the Dwarf Friend.”

Osric looked at the four and then slowly levered himself up off the Throne and rubbed his backside with both hands “Right then” he said, “let’s go somewhere warm and you can tell me all about the Northern Alliance”

Lord Osric WindHammer is the current lord of the Raven Clan, under who’s leadership the Clan has regained its holdings in the Halpi Mountains after Sveri Egilax reconquered Cwl Gen for the Free Dwarfs. Osric is a long time supporter of the Lord of Cwl Gen and their friendship was forged during the desperate fighting during the retreat from the Halpi Mountains when the Stoneclaws attacks forced the Abyssal Dwarfs and their minions back time and time again, allowing Sveri to rally the Free Dwarf forces enough to save many lives, but at the expense of a large number of the brave Stoneclaw Riders and their faithful mounts, leaving Sveri an Honour debt to Osric and his Clan, this is why Sveri can oft-times be found riding to War alongside the Clans Warriors with a small Bodyguard of Brock Berserkers.

Osric rides his White Raven, FrostWing, into battle whilst wielding his mighty ancestral BattleHammer that gives him his name and the whistling of this awesome weapon is often the last thing a foe hears.

Qsric and his Raven Clan originally accompanied the Free Dwarfs of the Brock and Bear Clans to their new home in the mountain fastness of Bowland in Estacarr, aiding their Kin to make a new life for themselves in the East. The remaining ravens of the Clan worked tirelessly to protect and expand the new domain’s borders, training with the Bowland Rangers both in the Plains and the Mountains and even in the largely forested areas to the North and West of Bowland, this valuable experience has stood the Stoneclaws in good stead for the return to their Home in the Halpi Mountains, where their familiarity in working with the Rangers enables a better defence of the rugged landscape against the many foes arrayed against them.

Under Osrics wise leadership the Raven Clan are beginning to return to a semblance of their past Glories and more and more of the dispossessed Free Dwarfs are flocking back to Caer Y Cudd – the famed “Fortress of the Hidden” in the High Peaks of the Halpi Mountains.