Other minis that can count as Enforcers?

Given I’m starting to get into Deadzone (need to get the starter set) and I’ve already got proper enforcer minis I’ve been wondering. What other miniatures aside from Space Marines can stand in as Enforcers? Like we all know Marines and Enforcers are kind of the same with significant differences between the two (Mantic really needs to give Enforcers and other factions more upgrade kits to expand the roster of weapons your guys can take and open up for some awesome kitbashes like we see in KoW). But, can other power armored factions fit in as Enforcers as well? I know a big theme with Warpath is rampant Corporatism, so maybe some corporations or council members style their enforcers differently (like Sisters of Battle or Chaos Marines)? I’d like to know you guys’ thoughts on that.


I’m using my SLA Shiver patrol for it, infinity minis work too, and there are a host of minis from hundreds of companies out there.

I was looking at Bob’s Outrunners recently if they weren’t made as STLs they’d be lovely. But yeah you can go nuts with whatever heavy armoured troop you have, break out the Mishima and go to town.


They might be a touch lightly armoured, but you could check out Wargames Atlantic’s Death Fields range.

Scotia Grendel have a pretty wide variety of sci-fi stuff in 28mm