Out of my way, worm!


I have a question about the rule out of my way, worm! rule and charges.
This special char from the ratkin slave rules can rout a unit during its own move.

How would it work, if you were to charge with a unit you want to rout?
you can’t make another charge with a different unit on that same enemy I believe. Because you can only target a unit once and need to declare all charges at once.
So could you make a multi charge? and still rout your own unit if you do it in the right order to gain the extra damage form last breath and make space for more, or stronger units.

  1. Declare the charge with all the units that want to charge ( say more then would normally fit due to base sizes)
  2. Charge the unit you will rout.
  3. Use the special char that allows you to rout your unit and use the special rule last breath.
  4. Charge with the special char.
  5. move the other chargers.

Before giving this unit an order, select a single Friendly Core unit with the Slave keyword within 12” and in Line of Sight of this unit. That unit is then immediately Routed and removed from the board. If the removed unit had the Last Breath upgrade, it activates as normal against all units Engaged with it.

Giving all Orders comes before moving any of the involved chargers, I believe. (not all orders across the board but all orders involved in a single charge)
So the only way to use this is to get rid of a friendly unit which is in your way, basically.


For multicharging:

“First, all units charging a single target must be given a simultaneous order to Charge the target unit.”

So the unit you want to Rout with oomww won’t have moved until after that special rule could have been used (as it has to be used before the character is given an order)

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My understanding is that there are two ways to use the rule:

  1. The unit that is going to be routed charges an enemy, so it gets engaged with the enemy unit. Then (later activation) the special character let it “explode”, so other units (including the special character or not) can charge the same enemy and deal more damage in the Melee phase. Alternatively, charge, rout/explode and do more damage in Ranged phase.
  2. The unit that is going to be routed already starts the round engaged with at least one enemy unit but the more the better. The character let it rout/explode to damage the engaged unit(s), then more damage can be done to the enemy unit(s) either in Melee or in the Ranged phase.

EDIT: Thanks @Sceleris for correcting me on option 1, see below what made me think wrong on this one.


In fact, there is a third way that @FredOslow already said, just get the unit out of the way (as the ability name suggests) if the routed unit does not have the Last Breath upgrade. Though, this may not be so useful as routing a unit with the upgrade which I kind of assumed in my previous post.

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With regards to option 1, all units charging the same enemy get given a simultaneous order and then get moved.

You can’t charge the unit you intend to oomww, rout it then charge others at the same enemy

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Why not? What I said does not violate the simultaneous order of multiple charge. It goes like this:

  • the unit to be routed charges the enemy unit
  • the unit gets routed via oomww (and “explodes” if it has the Last Breath upgrade)
  • (mutiple) charge is declared on the enemy unit that got charged previously by the already routed unit; I specifically said in my previous post that it is a later activation, not the same activation as the first charge with the unit that got routed in the second step

EDIT: Oh, I just checked the rules and found a sentence: “It also means that new units cannot be issued a Charge order against the same target later in the Movement phase.” OK, then I stand corrected, I have never realized the same enemy unit cannot be charged in several activations. I always thought one can either use multiple charge or make several following charges in separate activations. Sorry, then in my option 1 one can only charge, rout/explode and then use Ranged attacks to put more damage on the enemy unit.


Thanks for the clarification.