Overrun and Counter Charging

When Counter Charging against an individual results in an Overrun (pg.40) against another unit previously engaged in melee , is a subsequent charge still considered a Countercharge- and therefore is never hindered (pg.34)

CONTEXT: A Unit of Beast Calvary (in a forest) are charged by an infantry horde and an Individual Infantry Hero.


In the subsequent turn the Beast Calvary, Counter Charge against the Individual Infantry Hero, resulting in an Overun into the Infantry Horde.

Thanks in advance of your consideration and collective wisdom.

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Any unit not countercharged (when you were multi charged) does no longer count as engaged with you and should preferrably be pushed 1 mm away from you to visualise this.

If killing the individual it will count as a new charge into the horde.


Also clarified in the last part of the overrunrules:

“If either the initial Charge move or the regroup move took the charging unit over an Obstacle or through Difficult Terrain, then it is Hindered during this additional combat.”

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