Page's Chinese Romance of the Three Kingdoms of Men (Newbie Dice)

Here’s my 3 kingdoms inspired Kingdoms of Men WIP. Also featuring other chinese mythical characters.

Generals on Winged Beasts and Mounted Captain. The dragons are dragon ball toys.

Zhuge Liang as Wizard on “Pegasus”
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And had to include this cos the model is so cool. Sun Wukong (Monkey King) as Giant. It’s actually a hand carved souvenir statue made from a type of off-white palm nut that is a substitute for ivory products.


Incredible models! I’m jealous!

Amazing work! Love how you turned simple toys (and one not so simple souvenir) into highly thematic elements for the army.

superb work, trez sweet

Love it. Some great model options & paint jobs

I’ve also used ‘odd’ stuff for wizards on pegs - a djinn & random guy on a flying carpet for examples

Brilliant, great theme! :slight_smile:

Really like your take on the pegasus. Great stuff!

i’ve got a Reaper Bones Winged Sphinx to represent hero on Peg for my army. probably will need to find another since i’m thinking of moving to two of them

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updated first post with completed pictures of the army. forgot to include the army standard bearer in the army shot!