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Lovely army! Love what you did with the water elementals and order of redemption!

Is something off with the first few pictures? They don’t really do the models justice, as the 2nd half of the pictures show the beautiful painting and they seem a bit blotchy on the first half.


I’m only sad that the rhino doesn’t have a pink ribbon around her neck :sob:



Pictures seems fine on my end. I’m just an average painter so maybe certain shots are not flattering and shows the dirty details.

Can’t believe I didn’t see this sooner. A beautiful army with a lovely theme and color.

I’m definitely going to pinch this idea!

I think it fits perfectly.


Just spotted this by Nick Williams in the same vein.

While his colours are more realistic, I think I prefer the artistic licence to go with the brighter blue.


Yes Nick’s was my inspiration.

It’s getting very common now quite a lot of people making water elemental horses.


uploaded more pics to the first post.
Earth Elemental Horde (from obsidian golems)
Greater Earth Elemental (from Chroneas)

And very happy to have completed the Order of Redemption. The nature knight sketch on Page 38 of Unchartered Empires is the reason I started playing The Order of the Green Lady.

Mine is a fully Mantic army, so it’s been a fun process sourcing models and bits to creatively convert models to fit the army.

For this Order of the Redemption unit, I wanted to recreate the knight in the sketch.

The redemption knights have water enchanted armor and I decided to represent this with capes of flowing water, and when they charged in formation their capes connect together in a unified blanket of water.

The Base models were Basilean knights with some of the newer Men-at-arms and footguard bits and greenstuffed plumes. The shields were from the new Abyssal Guards with woodland scenics tree armatures.

Very experimental technique for the water capes. Weight is a big concern. I made the template with a plastic transparency sheet with blue wash, coated a layer of silicone sealant with transparent beads from a silica gel packet, and dry brushed white.


It is always awesome to see army inspired by some scrap of artwork or a couple of lines from lore.
Great work!


Those order of redemption are great! Excellent work on the shields and the cape idea. Really gives the impression of a sweeping tidal wave of a charge that will wash the enemy away.

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Updated the main post with my converted Avatar of the Green Lady


Updated first post with:
Unicorn (Brienne)
Naiad Heartpiercers


Love that the army is getting pinker and pinker :wink:

added the display board video!


Adding an old mantic sculpt druid, devoted on wolf mount, Greater Water Elemental, Brotherhood Centaur regiment, Exemplar Redeemer, and Champion of the Green Lady (clarion conversion)

The spell trail effects are made from blue stuff (a thermoplastic meant for casting bits). It is translucent and becomes this stretchy consistency and malleable when dunked in hot water.