Paint set

New to painting miniatures . Bought dungeon saga is there a paint kit or list I should be getting


no, you can get whatever you want.

There are as many paint ranges as there are hairs on your head, since you are new I would say go for whatever is easiest to get.

Games Workshop is all over, Army Painter is decent quality, Vallejo has a massive range (model colour is more historical and game colour is more poppy fantasy/scifi) scale 75 is for painters and P3 is easily accessible in the US.

within the ranges you may find things like Speed Paints/Contrast/Magic Paints. These are high pigment ink washes for a quick one pass paint job.

I will happily provide painting videos if you run into trouble but right off the back you need a primer (spray can is easiest) and then the primary colours, black, white, a flesh, and a metal to get you started.


also welcome to the forum you legend :smiley:


I suggest watching some tutorials on YouTube. There are several good beginner’s guides (I like goobertown hobbies one). Don’t forget to undercoat your miniature with a primer. For beginners I think white is best, though some people swear by undercoating in black. Spray cans are the easiest for this.

Most of all, take your time and have fun! Post your results on here!

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Aside from some special colors i get, I use those cheap walmart paints. Apple barrel for the win!

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