Painting Ice Elementals

How do you get the ice effect for something like this? I’ve struggled to get the effect right. How are you experts doing ice?


no idea about experts but here are a couple of suggestions.

base coat dark blue, then zenith light blue from the top. Airbrush/Spray Can/even heavy drybrush should do the trick. Finally edge highlight with white. If you are going to drybrush that as well try and concentrate on the edges.

Contrast/Wash/Speedpaints/Inks. Spray white, ink the blue of your choice over everything. Once dry edge highlight or drybrush the thing in white to pull up contrast.

If your skill level is up to it then blending blues and greens before edge highlighting gives a terrific effect but one I wouldn’t be trying if I could avoid it.


An easy way I found is painting in white and later apply citadel contrast Aethermatic Blue. Finally I apply some drybush of very intense white. I did with the piece of ice the frost giant handles and it gives some color to the ice with no work:


I’d do something similar to @Gerrcinn . i turned mine upside down and sprayed base of dark blue, then flipped them the right way up and did a light blue from above, so the dark blue gives a nice darker shadow. Then, i washed with blue to get in all the cracks and crevices a light dry brushing of white and a powdering of snow, (baking soda)


Thanks for the ideas. This is white basecoat, heavy blue wash, heavy white drybrushing.


they’ve turned out nicely

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Little wip picture of my effort. I used patches of pale blue, green and purple. I’m certainly happy with the end result which I will post up


they look great @NealB