Painting topic - Terrific Twenty-four

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Happy 2024 everyone! With a new year let’s do a new painting thread! Here you can post all your hobby related achievements!

As we usually create a new topic every so often (usually when the thread goes over 100 contributions), due to loading times and bandwith, we’ll see how long this lasts!

Finally, as the guy who usually creates these threads, my own creations are usually on top. This time, I’m gonna do this different. Let’s start with the last contribution in the previous post, the fleshripper from @FutaManticore


It’s a marvelous paint job, well done! The light box certainly helps!


As for myself, I finished my ogre ambush army. A while back, I posted a 750 point Ambush army for ogres.

Last december, I finished the characters and the hunters. On the first day of the new year, the warriors were finished too:

And with this horde (or 2 regiments) finished, my ogre ambush army is completed:


Nice Army @Vince ! Really like the Smurf Ogres! :smiley:

I myself started off 2024 with a “quick n dirty” Lich King. Now just 5 more Wraiths and my Undead Army is at 2000 pts finally. :slightly_smiling_face:

P.S. Thanks for making the new thread!


It’s bothered me for a while what your Ogers remind me of, but I now realise it’s either the Koloss from the Mistborn series of books or Discworld Nac Mac Feegle. Nevertheless, great work and a very striking palette.


a friend over on OTT is doing a KoW Nac MacFeegle army it’s going to be interesting, I must ask her how it’s going

that was a colour test on the 10mm dwarf barbarians being used as the Feegles
with a plan to run them as luggit regiments


Voidtouched weavers done and group shot of the NS/TK stuff so far.


I love that idea, and running them as Goblins :Chefs Kiss: The right balance of chaotic neutral for Nac Mac Feegles

And if the thread didn’t have enough void-spawned beasties, more Butchers

And the whole Goring of Butchers. 2 regiments, 1 horde and Fleshripper



The palette came to be after my goblins (which have a similar palette) worked out pretty well. Then, when I decided to build an Ogre Ambush army, I painted two-test models. (see here) and the blue one came out better than the purple one.

That said, they do resemble the Koloss.

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Voidtouched Mutants finished


Completed my ogre warlock. Really happy with the result. I’m not the best painter but i think this is the best I have done so far. Loads of areas to improve, and I’m sure I’ll spot mistakes the more I look.

My phone didnt want to focus on the whole things at once - my photography needs even more work than my painting!



Work started on my latest batch of Northern Alliance army units, with these nice Frostclaw Riders. When compared to the LOTR Giant Eagle models, they don’t compare, but still, decent models. The one bit i really wasn’t happy with was the connection between rocky outcropings and the Ravenclaw’s backside, so I’ve dug up a couple of scrap uprights of clear uprights for flyers to put a clear space between birds and rocks. Additionally, rather than 2 rocky outcrops jutting up on their own, i cluttered the base up with assorted rocky bits to make the scene more believable. Or at least that is my plan.


After over a year of plugging away at painting my Undead 2300 army, I have finally based and finished my first unit.

The Wights are from the Runewars game.


Wraiths and Liche King finished and I’m officially at 2000pts of Undead, yay :slight_smile:


Next floaty brain thing and kitbashed navigator/crone.


Soo… to Jarvis, or not to Jarvis … that is the question …

Just did a test paint of his face today :slight_smile:


Still very much a work in progress, but the Frostclaw Riders are starting to look sweet. I am aiming for a WW2 fighter pilot style for the Dwarf Riders, bundled up in fleece clothes against the bitter cold North winds. I was going to paint the Ice Blade’s hair red instead of blue, then I spotted this great purple and was instantly sold on it for her.


Those are really looking great @Nav ! Great work on the bases too! :clap: :slight_smile:

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Many thanks @Mikes There is poor enough light this evening, to do them justice, and the well thinned down wash was still a littlewet on the purple, but these Scalecolour acrylics need a wash to seal them in.

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Mate, the face looks epic!

I love the background behind him & Ophidia in general, and really think this should be an avenue mantic do model wise.

Game-wise, Mhorgoth is just too good not to take though?