Paints used on Empire of Dust?

I’m new to the game, new to the hobby actually. Can someone help me out with a good list of paints to buy while I wait for this army to come? I’m green but can paint ok
I have a ton of citadel paints already. Just want a paintlist. There’s not a whole lot of Dust vids on YouTube.

it depends on the colour scheme you’re planning on using. the studio paint job leans on a blue and gold something similar to ultramarine blue with a mid blue highlight.
But purple and gold can also look very striking.

A bone colour like ivory and a base tone similar to buff are mandatory for all the rags and bones, a spray primer from Army painter like Skeleton Bone will save you hours of work mind you.

Chances are you should have whatever you need in your current paint range

What @Gerrcinn says!

To help you out something more, here’s a couple of guidelines:
(For referrence, I use Vallejo. Colour chart found here)

Also, the finished results of my undead army is found here. As my army is a hodge-podge of bought miniatures and miniatures bought and painted over the last 15 years, it’s got very different painting and basing quality overall.

To start off, I’d choose a good bone colour. There’s various options in “the market”, but I’ll list my preferrences here:

The base colour (i.e. the colour painted over the basecoat) = medium fleshtone. Then, highlight (paint the raised areas, leaving plenty of the lower colour visible) with ivory. Finish with thinned down brown ink wash. This should be enough for most table-ready miniatures. If you want more detail, highlight the details even further using white.

As the bones are painted, choose a primary colour for your army.

The studio uses gold, my army uses green. you might need 3 or even 4 shades of this colour for some variety. To make your army as striking as possible, use this colour palette for anythign that isn’t brown/black/white/metal. some armies benefit from a 2nd contrasting colour, for instance these dwarves use a main colour (blue) and an offcolour (offwhite) which works, but isn;t necesary.

To illustrate: my primary colour is green. As undead use bone a lot, I count that as my offcolour and don’t use any. within this colour scheme, there’s quite a lot of variety. For instance, my two soul reavers use a different kind of green, but the colour as-is ties them together.

Both shown:

i would advice

  • your bone colours: (Medium fleshtone, ivory, brown wash, white)
    *browns for details (chocolate brown, calvalry brown, red leather, orange brown).
    *weapon/armour colours. (gunmetal grey, natural steel, black ink) for “natural” steel armour. If you want the enchanted steel armour of the vampires above, see here.
    *your primary colour in three or four hues with complementing ink. For green colours I’d go with: deep green, emerald, light green and yellow green with a transparent green ink wash. With these four colours + ink there’s enough variety for an entire army. For instance, using a deep green basecoat + emerald highlight for the main parts of the model complemented by yellow green details with a green ink complemented by a ivory highlight.

Of course, this is the investment for a whole army. If you just want to start with a regiment, I’d chose the seven or eight colours used on this regiment alone (Bone colours, weapon colours, two colours of brown, two of green) and finish the regiment before continuing on a 2nd.

Hope this helps you out…

Side note: The browns are a bit on the red-ish side, which compliment a primary colour of yellow, blue and green. For red or purple primary colours, you might want to choose more grey-ish browns.

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Thank you both! The information definitely helped!

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