Palace guard axes

Elven palace guard. I like the pole arm weapons the most and would have done all 20 in the box with them but… there are axes and swords. The swords are nice but the axes are underwhelming. Has anyone done anything to replace with better axes or made the axes a bit more impressive?

Side note: I got a bunch of shields as well but all weapons are 2hand so I’m a bit confused

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Maybe the shields are meant to be placed on their backs? Or do they have arms attached to them?

Definately not on the backs. It looks like they attach to the arms but again, 2hand weapons all around and I dont see any pictures on the website with them having shields that I can see.

I guess the shields are there to be able to build shield guard. I don’t know how, though.

Shields are supposed to be on the left arm for the helbards and are optional (to make different unit if needed)

No good solution for the Axes thought but cutting the blade from the helbards in different form or use plastic card to form a sword and replace the axe is an option