Phalanx rule clarification

When charging a unit with phalanx, do cavalry units have a -1 to hit during the initial charge? The rules state that it’s during the subsequent unhindered charge, but this could be read as a counter charge in some way…

The rule could be written more clearly. Now it is like code, stating that a cav unit suffers a -1 to hit from phalanx unless it is already hindered (ie already at minus one to hit) in which case they do not apply an additional minus one. Because for rules balance they did not want units to stand in terrain with spears to make enemies become -2 to hit. So basically it could have said that the -1 to hit from phalanx does not stack with -1 to hit from being hindered.

It works on both charges and countercharges.


Awesome. Thanks bud

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