Pirates What should they be

Hi guys,
Recently i found one of my old boxes that has a fair amount of Wargames Foundry Pirates just wondering what you would class them as obviously the one with muskets are easy but what could you use the sword users as, Shieldwall, Militia , fanatics. Or could i be really radical and give them a zombie skin tone and use em as zombie in my undead army
I also have a reaper revenant wreck which would work as a giant

for those unfamiliar with the line of figures:

and a lot of it boils down to which faction you want to use these guys as. given the guns, you could use them as kingdoms of Men, Rhordia, Imperial dwarfs, or free dwarfs.

i’d argue your best bet for the ones with sword or sword and pistol would be to use them as Fanatics in a KoM army. the pirates lack much in the way of armor so the low defense of the fanatics works, while the pistols would justify the crushing strength 1, and the wild charge fits with the pop-culture image of pirates being crazed attackers.

the ones with the muskets, blunderbusses, and other two handed guns use as black powder upgraded crossbowmen.
obviously you can stick any big cannons on a base as cannons.

what might be interesting from a multibase perspective might be to make the bases look like the deck of a ship, and if you put the different bases together for display you’d get one giant diorama of a pirate ship. you could also use this to easily make some cavalry units (such as black powder upgraded mounted scouts) by putting some of the musketeers or even those swivel gun guys in rowboats.

if you want some slightly cheaper figures to fill them out into more units, the plastic frostgrave ghost archipelago crewmen should be close enough in style and size you can make some generic pirate dudes with swords. you could also use them to make some archers.


Like the idea a lot would take a while to put together the way I paint maybe i will work on it in between doing my Undead. Really like the idea of using row boats as cavalry