Pivot question

Had a great game of Kings of War today and we ran into an interesting situation:

If during a charge move you pivot through a woods (only the pivot touched the woods, not any forward movement) but do not end your pivot in the woods, are you still considered to be Hindered? We are struggling to understand exactly what a pivot is. Is it considered normal movement? The Interpenetration When Pivoting rule on page 18 seems to allow a pivot to break many of the normal movement limitations, so just not sure how to handle this. Thanks

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Hi, the pivot does not count as movement in that regard. (otherwise, how would your unit be allowed to pivot “through” blocking terrain and even enemy units?)
Imagine it being your unit simply avoiding those terrain/units.
So you will not count as hindered if only the pivot passed through the terrain. But keep in mind that you cannot adjust the amount you pivot to avoid difficult terrain, by pivoting more than necessary during a charge.
The FAQ has changed the charge section into this:

Page 19 (15): Charge. 1. Move. The 2nd paragraph should read as follows:
“In order to do this they may, if necessary, pivot once around their centre up to 90º at any point during their move.

If the Charge can be completed without the pivot, then the charging unit should not pivot.”