Placoderms (Trident Realms of Neritica)

Way back early in 2nd edition, the first army I did that was not mainly GW figures and that was multibased, was a Trident Realms army with a Little Mermaid colour scheme of bright primary colours. One of my favourite units in the army was a horde of Placoderms. They were ordinary infantry back then and you could take them in hordes. Here’s a picture of them as they were back then. The unit soon acquired the moniker, “the Emo Nemos”.


Then along came 3rd edition and Placoderms changed to Heavy Infantry and the horde option disappeared. They’ve been on the shelf since. It’s one thing to have to rebase your Kraken (twice!), but rebasing an infantry horde is a different matter.

I’ve finally got round to turning then into two regiments, giving them a more phalanxy appearance while I was at it, with a barricade of Uruk Hai “pikes” from Magister Militum. Here’s a few picture showing the (time-consuming) process and the end result.


And here’s a couple more of the finished article. I hope you like it.


Super neat! The coral palisade is amazing