Plastic chariots

I’m after adding some Minotaur Chariots to my Gnoll themed Herd force.

Mantic do a lovely big cart in one of their sets, it would be perfect, but sadly isn’t sold separately.

One idea I have is to get the Victrix plastic Celtic chariot set and paint the horses as Zebras and put Gnolls on the back. The other option is to get the Mantic Orc chariot and see about converting the Gore’s into warthogs, with again Gnolls on the back.

I had originally thought of using more Wild Wargs from GW as the pulling beast for the chariot, but they would push the price up quite a bit.

Does anyone know of any other plastic chariots that are on the market?

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you can get some bid ones from MDF not plastic. For example

if you are willing to wait a few months, Wargames Atlantic recently teased an upcoming kit that appears to be a Chariot. we don’t know what style yet, though i’d guess egyptian, persian, or one of other near eastern types, given that it is probably for their “First Empires” line alongside the Persian Infantry they recently released, and there aren’t too many candidates that both used chariots in war and had the light evolved design in the teaser.


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@Wargamer_Stu thanks for the link. Didn’t think there were any MDF chariots. Might have to think about them as an option.

@MithrilCoyote those could be a contender. Will see how they shape up. Thanks for the heads up.

4Ground also do MDF chariots - both Celtic & Egyptian styles, while warbases similarly have a variety of carts/wagons etc - which might suit if needing something with more space for crew?

Victrix do 3 plastic chariots for £30.

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Yeah, these are very nice. The fact you get 3 nice druid & female hero models is a bonus

4Ground do MDF chariots in Celtic & Egyptian style if you can provide your own crew and draft creatures